Opening of blockbuster season: the first IMAX laser cinema in Hangzhou

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An adventure game of the same name 《 Mysterious sea area 》 Release and DC Super British giant 《 New Batman 》 Pre sale of , From this week, the situation that the Spring Festival films dominate the box office has been broken , The blockbuster season is starting .

Special frame and exclusive source : Light up a blockbuster experience

Many fans who have higher requirements for film projection technology , Usually like to be in IMAX Experience blockbusters in the cinema . The giant screen with indomitable spirit can often make the audience feel the shocking visual effect , Many blockbusters and IMAX Exclusive full frame , There are more specific shots than ordinary cinemas 26% Picture content . image 《 Mysterious sea area 》 in “ Dutch brother ” The thrilling scene of falling plane is IMAX Exclusive full frame version , Double the thrill .

And in the first film of this year IMAX Superhero movies 《 New Batman 》 in , Most scenes take place at dusk or dawn , The dark picture shapes the magnificent epic long film feeling , On the other hand, it also makes film critics send out “ No one in Gotham seems to know what a light bulb is ” The evaluation of . Films with dark scenes put forward higher requirements for projection equipment , new generation IMAX The laser projection system can just light up such giant blockbusters . More clarity 、 pure 、 The textured picture makes more details appear in front of the audience , Higher brightness brings freshness 、 A vivid picture , The contrast of each frame is significantly enhanced , The dim scene is IMAX 4K With the advent of laser projection system 、 Full of details , Let the audience feel like coming to Gotham with Batman , Amazing interpretation of immersive viewing .

Hangzhou IMAX There are many cinemas , but IMAX There is only one laser theater : The Xinyuan International store of Zhejiang film era studios, which has been transformed and upgraded around the Spring Festival this year ( Original Xinyuan International Cinema ). except 《 Mysterious sea area 》 and 《 New Batman 》, There are many blockbusters coming out soon , Including Roland · Emmerich (《2012》《 The day after tomorrow 》) Directed by 《 The moon fell 》, Sean Andy 、 Starring Cai Zhuoyan and others 《 Detective war 》 as well as 《 Magical animals : Dumbledore's mystery 》 etc. , Many blockbusters have IMAX laser 12 Channel exclusive film source format , At present, only Xinyuan International store in Zhejiang can experience .

11 Years and 5 Months : Hangzhou is the first IMAX The birth of laser cinema

First batch from Hangzhou IMAX It's the first time from the cinema to Hangzhou IMAX Laser studio , Managed 11 Xinyuan International store in 5 Months to complete the transformation and upgrading . Breakthrough laser projection technology 12.1 Channel sound system , Create a film viewing experience that is at the forefront of the industry for film fans in Hangzhou .

In addition to projection equipment 、 Audio and screen upgrades , The overall environment of the cinema has also been comprehensively improved ,334 This all leather sofa seat is very comfortable , When encountering the bass scene, you can also experience the feeling of resonance with the sound field , Let the audience relax and immerse themselves . The same plasma air disinfection system of Hangzhou east railway station is equipped inside and outside the cinema , Create a reassuring viewing environment .

It is reported that , Cinemas introduce... In this upgrade VR Several entertainment projects such as secret room escape , Cinema members can enjoy up to 6 Discount rate , After watching the blockbuster and then experiencing a sword flying is also a very interesting leisure choice .

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