Official publicity spokesperson only 8 days, mocona coffee removed Dunlan publicity materials

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In this paper, from : Nine schools of news

3 month 15 Japan , The fourth Inspection Bureau of Shanghai taxation bureau investigated and dealt with Deng Lun's suspected tax evasion , His tax evasion was recovered and fined 1.06 One hundred million yuan . According to media reports ,3 month 8 Japan , Coffee brand mocona (Moccona) Deng Lun, spokesman of official publicity brand . at present , Nine school news noticed , There are no promotional photos and videos of spokesperson Deng Lun in the official wechat of mocona coffee .

Just yesterday , Mocona coffee official wechat has also sent publicity materials from brand spokesperson Deng Lun .

At present, search on this microblog “ Deng Lun ”, No more information .

before , Yunmi brand issued a statement : Yunmi decides to terminate the cooperative relationship with Mr. Deng Lun from now on . According to media reports , ​​​​ Snowflake show has also removed Deng Lun's relevant materials .

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