Han Hong Foundation donated 5 million yuan worth of epidemic prevention materials to support Jilin

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Beijing - 3 month 15 Japan , Han Hong foundation issued an announcement on supporting Jilin , Announce the value of the donation 500 Ten thousand yuan of epidemic prevention materials to support Jilin . Han Hong also wrote that :“ Do your best !”

The picture comes from the official microblog

The paper said :“ At present , The situation of epidemic prevention and control in Jilin Province is complex and severe , According to the actual situation of the epidemic in Jilin, Hanhong Foundation , Assess social needs , Rapid establishment ‘ Han Hong supports Jilin with love ’ The project team , Assist relevant departments in the implementation of epidemic prevention and control . The Council of the foundation has studied and decided , To Jilin Charity Federation 、 The donation value of the provincial epidemic prevention and control material support group 500 Ten thousand yuan of epidemic prevention materials 、 Include : Negative pressure ambulance 10 car 、 Nucleic acid sampling car 10 car 、N95 Masks and disposable medical surgical masks 115 Ten thousand only , etc. . We believe that , Under the strong leadership of the party and the government , The life of Jilin people will return to normal as soon as possible . May there be good luck in Jilin , Changchun will return to Changchun . notes : The project does not raise money from the public , Thank you for your attention .”

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