"Group of heroes" Wang Bozhao: storm and storm, little white dragon

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Wang Bozhao , Born in Nanjing, Jiangsu , Graduated from the performance Department of Shanghai Drama Academy , Representative works :《 Journey to the west 》《 Jinfen family 》《 Love in the pen 》 etc. . The most impressive thing about Wang Bozhao is 《 Journey to the west 》 The role of small white dragon .

distance 《 Journey to the west 》 More than 30 years have passed since filming , But many stories are still vivid . The conditions were hard , Every actor should not only play his own role , And part-time mass actors 、 Field worker and other positions , You don't have to be a double when filming , Inconvenient to eat and drink , Physical injury , We must stick to it . Wang Bozhao praised : Director Yang Jie is a well deserved artist , Works can speak .

Chen Yinquan 、 Crosstalk performed by Hou Zhenpeng 《 Hand in hand for life 》 Introduced the current popular film and television dramas 《 human world 》 The plot of the , It also deduces the mental journey between husband and wife at different stages of their life , Chen Yinquan's performance is a highlight of this crosstalk .

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