The world's first immersive plant documentary, walking into the wonderful "green planet"

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A seemingly silent life , What kind of strong heart you have ?2022 year BBC New plant documentary 《 Green planet 》(The Green Planet) Will tell the audience the answer . This documentary focuses on plant life , It is divided into 《 Rainforest world 》、《 Aquatic world 》、《 The seasons change 》、《 Desert world 》 and 《 share weal and woe 》 Five chapters ,BBC The photography team took four years , Use the most advanced shooting techniques , Bring an immersive and shocking look . In the recovery of all things 2022 Spring of , Let's walk into the of plants “ Survive in the Jianghu ”, Gain confidence in life 、 Courage and hope .

A seemingly ordinary leaf , But the tenacity of life is deduced between the complex stems and veins .《 Green planet 》 The opening shot focuses on the veins of the leaves , As the picture gradually rotates and stretches away , The leaves turn into a green planet in the sunshine . There are countless species on earth , On this planet full of vitality , We rely on plants to breathe and breathe , And plants more often play “ silent ” Role , They look docile and even have no self-awareness , But when the camera is really aimed at the trajectory of plant life , We can see their “ Survive in the Jianghu ”.

Where there is life , There are rivers and lakes everywhere . To shoot 《 Green planet 》 The documentary ,BBC The photography team and David, a British national treasure natural naturalist · Edinburgh (David Attenborough) Run to 27 Countries and regions , It took four years to create the world's first immersive documentary focusing on plants . Using innovative shooting techniques , Using intelligent robots 、 Mobile delay photography 、 Ultra fine thermal imager 、 Deep focus “ Overlapping frame ” And ultra-high speed photography , Show plants in “ Rivers and lakes ” Strategy in 、 competition 、 fighting , Let the audience enter the little-known plant world from the first perspective .

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