"Dr. strange 2" reveals the new stills. The crimson witch occupies position C

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1905 Movie network news Marvel film 《 Dr. strange 2: Into the crazy multiverse 》, New stills were exposed . In the stills , The Scarlet Witch is looking forward with blurred eyes , Seems to have encountered some difficult puzzle .

The color of the whole stills is dark , It seems to show the unknown texture of the film . It is reported that ,《 Dr. strange 2》 My story is very complicated , The narrative of the multiverse is full of variables . After months of remake , In addition to adding multiple roles , The main line of the story has also been adjusted . at present , The plot of the film has not been fully revealed . The Scarlet Witch is a complex character in Marvel's story . In current films , She is fast silver's twin sister . Because he participated in the secret experiment of Hydra with his brother and was induced by the soul gem on Rocky's scepter, Wanda's inherent chaotic magic hidden in his body , Join the Avengers after defeating altron .

at present , The latest schedule of the film is 2022 year 5 month 6 Japan .

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