Listen to friends 2: Li Ronghao's guest house Jing Boran defuses the "friendship feast"

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《 Listen, my friend 2》 The sixth issue ( Next ) It will be at noon today 12:00 On time on-line . This flying guest Li Ronghao is a guest in the cabin , How will Jing Boran “ entertain ” Old friend ? The call stories in the live broadcast room are wonderful , Why did Shana call “ It was scary at first , Later, I was very moved ”? Letters in the reading room are risking “ Pink bubbles ”, What kind of love story makes he Jiong 、 Sheenah 、 Jing bairan 、 Dong Zijian and Li Ronghao were deeply touched ? The answer will be announced immediately !

Men's leather shoes frequently appear in front of girls living alone He Jiong and Xie Na called the truth too warm

He Jiong drank effervescent water ; Xie Na tasted spicy cabbage soup ; Jing bairan “ Kaz Kaz ” Eat cucumbers ; Dong Zijian performs online 《 Crazy frozen persimmon 》…… In this program , The anchors brought a mouth watering to the audience “ Ear massage ”, In addition to the interesting food Links , The story of the call that night , It also makes people feel warm and moved .

The first caller met “ Happy troubles ”, That is, the marriage object should choose “ I like ” still “ Like my ”. In this regard, the anchors express their views , Dong Zijian said that being urged to marry cannot be used as a reason for marriage ; Yuan Yongyi believes that we should find a way to resonate with the same frequency “ He ” Very important . The second caller confided “ The grievance at the bottom of my heart ”, She said she had been caught by a little boy in the women's toilet “ Scared and confused ”, But I asked “ Is it natural for little boys to enter the women's toilet ?” The anchors have warmed their hearts and comforted , It is worth mentioning that , Yuan Yongyi provided a solution to this common phenomenon with her own experience : One side , Cultivate children's gender awareness from an early age ; On the other hand , When forced, take the child into the same compartment of the women's toilet , So as not to affect others .

The last call was the personal experience of a girl living alone , She said that for some time, she could always see strange men's leather shoes at home , The anchors thought it would be “ Thriller ” The story , Unexpectedly, the truth is that the neighbor's grandmother is trying to protect the girl , Specially put the neighbor's grandfather's leather shoes at her door . The girl felt very guilty when she thought of her misunderstanding . In Jing Boran's opinion , There is no need to blame yourself for misunderstandings out of self-protection , You can also readily accept the warmth of your neighbors , You can express gratitude by doing what you can . As Wang Mian said , Even if you just polish your shoes a little more , It's also a way to be grateful .

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