Dongguan Nongjiale picnic and barbecue + company group construction + parent-child tour + Leisure and entertainment + fishing + catching loach

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A week's hard work , Lying at home is boring , It's boring to watch flowers and take photos , Too tired to walk , Don't want to go too far , And slip baby entertainment . Then Qingfeng Village ecological park starts , Absolutely meet your needs .

Less than an hour from downtown , be situated at the foot of a hill and beside a stream , Farm activities are really full . You can have a picnic , You can also barbecue .

Pick organic vegetables

A large picking garden , Pick at will , Now there are sweet potatoes , chili , Carrots are absolutely original .

Fun to catch loach

Catch loach in the River Ditch with bare hands , Do you dare to challenge ? It's time to test technology .

Pick up eggs in the chicken nest + Chicken catching competition

Free range ground chicken , Eggs hidden in the trees , Find out with your children . Whether it's children , Still a big friend , This kind of experience is quite special . The chicken caught is an important ingredient for picnic .

Picnic competition

I have been busy for a long time , There are chicken, fish and vegetables , It's a good time to show off your cooking , Parent-child interaction , Delicious cooking . Also eat ecologically healthy .

Are there any leisure and entertainment programs in the park ?

Of course. , Mahjong room ,KTV, Table tennis , Table Tennis , Camping , Free events such as archery , You can go and play .

Besides , If there can be 10 More people , You can play a real game CS Field operations ,( Extra charge ).

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