Tencent Aurora projection P2, why is it called the "artifact" of giant screen entertainment?

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 Tencent Aurora projection P2, Why is it called giant screen entertainment “ Artifact ”?

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China's projector market is entering a period of accelerated growth “ The fast lane ”.

 Tencent Aurora projection P2, Why is it called giant screen entertainment “ Artifact ”?

from 2021 year 2 Month begins , China's online sales of home projectors have exceeded that of smart TVs , And the advantages are gradually widening . At the same time, the user penetration rate of domestic home intelligent projection equipment is 4.8%, The year-on-year increase was up to 37%, Huge growth potential and sufficient consumption momentum (CCData data ).

2021 In, the shipment volume of China's projector market increased year-on-year 12.6%, reach 470 Ten thousand units , expect 2022 The annual sales volume will increase by 20%, And the growth rate in the next five years is more than 20%,2026 It will cross the threshold of annual sales of 10 million units for the first time (IDC data ).

However, there are still many user pain points in the projector market , Such as high-quality image experience 、 Rich large screen content Ecology 、 Intelligence and high-end products “ Overpriced ”, And some people with poor experience “ Slide projector ” Miscellaneous interference, etc ...... IDC Think , Only solve the quality that consumers care about 、 Experience and service , To really enhance consumer confidence 、 Promote the popularization of China's projector market .

The domestic projector market has ushered in " High energy players "

There is a highly praised user posting on Weibo :“ The sense of home atmosphere is filled instantly , Large screen viewing at home ”; Net friend @ amusing INTJ The Wolf Think “ Easy to open 100 " , Small volume, large picture , It's also a game console !”; Long Shao's Weibo means “ Lying in bed can enjoy 120 The fun of watching and playing , Who doesn't want to have ?”

 Tencent Aurora projection P2, Why is it called giant screen entertainment “ Artifact ”?

Being discussed by many netizens and onlookers , Is the recently released Tencent Aurora projection P2, Its distinctive design style and differentiated experience , Let the domestic projector market finally usher in a blockbuster “ Giant screen quality player ”.

First , It's the performance .

Today, whether it's a smartphone or a TV ,“ performance ” It is always an important reference standard for users to purchase and choose , For the projector, this traditional impression of users has “ Carton feeling ” This is especially true for equipment with long replacement cycle .

Tencent Aurora projection P2 use Amlogic T982 chip +4GB Run a memory +64GB Flash memory . What is the concept ? Two examples : Xiaomi has a full screen TV Pro Adopt yes Amlogic T972, and Amlogic T982 It is the flagship chip of the latest generation of high-end TV , Compared with the chip graphics performance of Xiaomi flagship TV, it has improved 30%、 Reduced power consumption 15%, At the same time, it supports hardware level decompression 8K video . in other words , Tencent Aurora projection P2 It not only ensures that users can still maintain “ Full of performance, not stuck ”, Even if 8K The video can also be played smoothly , This is for realizable 100 The large screen quality image experience of inch projection is very important .

Comparison of products in the same price segment , In polar meters NEWZ8X( The price is 3999 element ) For example , Its hardware is Mstar6A848+2GB Run a memory +16GB Flash memory comparison , Whether processor or storage combination, Tencent Aurora projection P2 so to speak “ Configure a generation ahead ”, And the price is more advantageous (3899 element ).

In Jingdong users' purchase comments ,“ Fluent ” It is a common comment keyword of users , This is also the best praise for the high performance configuration . Just like a Plus Member comments :“4+64G Enough memory . The color is , It's loud , Video decoding ability is first-class , There's no Caton . On the whole , This projector is very cost-effective !”

 Tencent Aurora projection P2, Why is it called giant screen entertainment “ Artifact ”?

secondly , The sound and shadow quality is full .

Audio and video is the core application scenario of home projector , And brightness ( lumen )、 Picture quality 、 Tone quality 、 Many users have major doubts about the purchase of projectors, such as picture dragging .

Tencent Aurora projection P2 There are four major improvements in image quality : Have 1300ANSI Lumen ; Can be realized 1080P High definition and highlight image quality , Support 8K Video playback ; Support HDR10+HLG Double decoding , Greatly enhance the color saturation and light and shade level of the picture ; new generation MEMC Motion compensation technology , Improve the fluency of high-speed pictures .

After household consumers choose projection , Don't want to be at night or “ The little black house ” Use in the environment , This is also what third-party research data show “ Gao Mingliu ” The domestic sales volume of projectors continued to grow significantly ,2021 The year has broken through 100 An important reason for 10000 units . But these high-end products are basically priced at 4000 Yuan of above , Forty percent of them account for more than 8000 element . Even compared with products at the same price ( Such as Jimi NEW Z8X by 1200ANSI), Tencent Aurora projection P2 In the bright scene, the advantage is still obvious . From the actual evaluation of microblog users , And the high praise comments of Jingdong's actual users , You can see that you have 1300ANSI Lumen Tencent Aurora projection P2 High satisfaction experience in bright scenes .

 Tencent Aurora projection P2, Why is it called giant screen entertainment “ Artifact ”?

Micro-blog users @Lime Tet... Tet In experience sharing, I think :“JBL The sound effect is very good , It can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker without a projector ”. This is also Tencent Aurora projection P2 A huge improvement in sound quality , The sound is designed by Harman embedded sound department , Two of them 10W High power loudspeaker , Pass Harman “ Golden ear “ Professional acoustics expert tuning , And passed Haman JBL Rigorous high-quality sound quality certification . Harman JBL Represents the world's top sound quality , Including the National Stadium and the bird's nest 、 National Swimming Center Water Cube 、 National Grand Theatre and other venues , And BMW 、 Mercedes 、 Land rover 、 Rolls Royce mirages all use the same brand of sound . For users , Shop Tencent Aurora projection P2 It can directly get rid of the traditional projector “ Dry splitting ” Tone quality , You don't need to buy additional audio equipment to get high pitched clarity 、 Full baritone 、 The bass is powerful “ Home Theater ” Class sound effect .

 Tencent Aurora projection P2, Why is it called giant screen entertainment “ Artifact ”?

Third , Intelligent experience is full .

As the latest projector product , Intelligence is also an important consideration . Tencent Aurora projection P2 In addition to the auto focus function , The other three intelligent experiences are also very important to improve users' daily experience : Automatic trapezoidal correction 、 Automatic screen alignment , And intelligent obstacle avoidance .

It is often difficult to make horizontal direct investment in the home environment , Hanging up is the installation method that many users choose , Autofocus + Automatic trapezoidal correction + Automatic screen alignment has three functions , It can provide users with “ One click power on 、 The screen projection setting can be adjusted automatically ” High convenience and intelligent experience , Even if “ The small white user ” And don't worry about the daily setting and placement . The intelligent obstacle avoidance function can avoid the problem that the projected light is blocked by obstacles “ Secondary setting ”, True realization “ Open and use 、 No need to move ”.

I know that in the last hot post of a projector that has been praised for thousands of times , Tencent Aurora projection P2 It is listed as the key recommended new products in this price segment in China , Its “ Feature functions are also fully open , Autofocus 、 Automatic trapezoidal correction 、 Automatic screen entry 、 Intelligent obstacle avoidance is a lot , Practical pull full ” Users are very impressed by your comments

 Tencent Aurora projection P2, Why is it called giant screen entertainment “ Artifact ”?

Fourth , Design pull full .

As an electronic device for daily use in the family ,“ Level of appearance ” It is a necessary requirement for many users .GFK 2021 A survey report in showed that , Nearly 60% of consumers said “ Pay great attention to the appearance of the product ”, This will of young and high-end users is particularly obvious .

Tencent Aurora projection P2 The fuselage design is said to refer to the appearance of Tencent Binhai building , The simple appearance can be well integrated into the family scene , With the design texture of high-end products , Distinct appearance recognition , At the same time, it takes into account the size (19 x19 x14.5 centimeter ) And weight (2.56 kg ) control .

Little red book with the orientation of fashion quality life , Many bloggers are also interested in Tencent Aurora projection P2 The appearance design and materials express their love ,“ good-looking ”“ Light luxury ” These are two hot comments that appear frequently .

 Tencent Aurora projection P2, Why is it called giant screen entertainment “ Artifact ”?

Software aspect , Upgraded version of Aurora UI, On the one hand, it greatly strengthens the human-computer interaction experience , Such as supporting Aurora floating layer setting 、 Voice intelligence evokes , Fast direct application and other functions ; On the other hand, there are standards 、 the elderly 、 There are three customization modes for children , You can enter the exclusive interface with one click according to the needs of different family members , Easy to quickly find the most suitable content .

From this view , Tencent Aurora projection P2 yes 4000 A very competitive new projector in the price range of about yuan , Its performance 、 Picture quality 、 Design 、 Intelligence and comprehensive experience have accurately met the pain points of today's young people and most home users , It can be said that it is a light luxury family giant screen entertainment hardware product customized for Chinese users .

How about a home projector " No bad time "?

Projector equipment also follows “ Hardware determines the basis , Content determines the upper limit ” The user law of this large screen audio-visual equipment .

Tencent Aurora projection P2 Behind the strong hardware , At the same time, it has rich and differentiated high-quality content .

In the field of video content Ecology , It undertakes Tencent video's absolutely leading high-quality mass content ecosystem in the industry , Especially for 8K Hardware level decoding support for UHD content , Combined with Tencent video 8K Content area , The real “ Integration of software and hardware ”.

 Tencent Aurora projection P2, Why is it called giant screen entertainment “ Artifact ”?

For the scene just needed by another large user of home projector —— game , Tencent Aurora projection P2 Built in genuine games START Cloud games , Including the legend of fairy sword and Qixia 、QQ Rich popular games such as flying car , Combined with hardware performance advantages 、HDR10+HLG Double decoding 、 new generation MEMC The advantages of motion compensation technology can better ensure the user's game experience .

meanwhile , Tencent Aurora projection P2 Also have, including HDMI2.1 stay 、USB3.0 Rich interfaces in , Support adaptation Switch、PS5 And other popular game consoles or external video resources , The transmission bandwidth is increased to 48Gbps( It is the standard of the previous generation 2.66 times ), Can provide “ non-inductive ” Low delay operation of the game and smooth ultra-high definition video playback experience .

Through micro-blog 、 JD.COM 、 According to the comments of users who buy many social platforms such as xiaohongshu , Games are unanimously recognized by users “ Highly praised ” Experience , Even rated as “ Big screen weapon for game lovers ”.

 Tencent Aurora projection P2, Why is it called giant screen entertainment “ Artifact ”?

so to speak , Tencent Aurora projection P2 On the one hand, it completely carries Tencent's video 、 Industry benchmark content ecology in two major areas of games , On the other hand, it gives full play to the advantages of the home projector market “ Integration of hardware and software ” Unique and differentiated innovation advantages , Truly create for users “ No bad time ” Large screen home entertainment experience .

User reputation and market popularity are the core inspection standards of projector products . The purchase data of users from JD platform is displayed , Tencent Aurora projection P2 High praise from customers 97%, Video and sound 、 Picture quality 、 Convenient operation 、 Intelligence and other characteristics have been recognized by users with high reputation .

《 One observation 》 Comment on

The age of interconnection , The demand for large screen entertainment with family as the core is undergoing great changes .

The traditional TV market is being transformed by technology and experience “ Double extrusion ”. Ovi cloud data display ,2021 In, the retail volume of color TV sets in China was 3835 Ten thousand units , Year-on-year decline in 13.8%, Set a near 12 New low in . Under the interconnection of all things ,“ The ubiquitous screen ” Traditional TV for family space “C position ” It has brought a long-term and strong impact , Even many young user families began to pursue turning the traditional living room into children's entertainment / Study / Mobile office as a whole “ synthesis ”.

meanwhile , It is different from the large screen TV that often costs more than 10000 yuan , With Tencent Aurora projection P2 The new projector represented by is less than 4000 Yuan price can be achieved 100 Inch high-quality large screen display experience , It also has the two characteristics of not occupying the wall space and storable , This has further exacerbated the problem that more and more users regard the purchase of high-quality projectors as home terminals “ Will options ”.

CCData Survey data show , The penetration rate of home projectors in China's first tier cities and new first tier cities reached... Respectively 23.25% And 23.51%, It's close 1/4, The proportion of second tier cities is also close to 1/5. According to the large screen TV 、 Smart phones and other Chinese core home terminals have always been popular and sinking in the market , The future of China's projector market 5-10 The annual growth rate is not only strong , It will also be in technology 、 product 、 Great creative imagination in terms of use scenarios .

In fact, this is also the industry and users' projection of the newly listed Tencent Aurora P2 An important reason for continuous hot focus , Because it not only represents the Chinese projector market “ Integration of hardware and software ” An important direction of innovation , At the same time, it is also effectively promoting innovation 、 The traditional projector market with single function has changed . This will be a new blue ocean track with massive user needs , Tencent Aurora projection P2 No doubt “ Last serve first ”, And it has been in the most competitive Chinese projector market in the world “ One position ahead ”.

 Tencent Aurora projection P2, Why is it called giant screen entertainment “ Artifact ”?

Just like the people who measured @iArter Comment on the microblog that : By feeling Tencent Aurora projection P2“ Tencent's comprehensive interactive experience of software and hardware ”,“ A more convenient one-step experience is the ultimate killer of this high-value intelligent projection ”.

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