Zhiyang Entertainment: what are the methods of violence drainage recommended by Weibo?

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Zhiyang Entertainment : What are the methods of violence drainage recommended by Weibo ? I believe many people have doubts , Today, Shenzhen Zhiyang culture media Co., Ltd. will answer with you !

Zhiyang Entertainment : Microblogging popular recommended violence drainage methods are as follows :

 Zhiyang Entertainment : What are the methods of violence drainage recommended by Weibo ?

One 、 What is the popular recommendation of microblog ?

Recommendation is recommended by the system to interested people according to the characteristics of blog posts , Keywords extracted from notes 、 Information such as geographical location is an important feature of notes .

Recommend to interested users , The system recommends other similar content to users according to their existing content browsing behavior , This flow is relatively maximum , A recommendation method familiar to most users .

Two 、 What's the use of popular recommendations ?

Someone asked before , One of my blog posts suddenly has many users to interact , The number of comments is increasing , Many people come to pay attention to , The conversion rate , Achieved a wave of good profits , Other blogs don't , What's going on? ? In fact, the blog is pushed to the popular recommendation by the system .

Whether it's marketing , Drainage is good , Publicity is also good , Are inseparable from popular recommendations .

When our blog posts are pushed to popular recommendations by the system , Brand embedded in the recommended blog , Contact information, etc , By a thousand people 、 Ten thousand people 、 100000 or more people watch ; As you can imagine , What kind of traffic .

Now you are curious , How to recommend , What is the mechanism ?

Its algorithm , It's actually a funnel mechanism , Heel tremor xx The recommended algorithm principle of No. has a common .

1、 It is divided into three steps , Cold start flow cell exposure ;

2、 Data filtering , The platform will come from here 100 Ten thousand blog posts 1000 Secondary exposure , Analysis points 、 Focus on 、 Comment on 、 Forwarding and other dimensions of data , And then pick out the indicators that exceed 10% Of ;

3、 Selected recommendations , Pass round after round of verification , Rate of likes screened out 、 Play completion rate 、 Short videos with high comment interaction rate and other indicators .

Through multiple dimensions , Small pool → Zhongchizi → Big pool , By analogy .

Some people ask how much reading is ?

The reading amount of a single blog post depends on the degree of recommendation , It can reach hundreds of thousands +、 One million + 、 Ten million +、 Billion +, It's all normal .

1、 If we are in the field of publicity , It can be imagined that the transmission volume is very, very large , Don't do anything that doesn't work kol,koc;

2、 If we're doing drainage , Real case :xx industry , A lot of companies , Matrix accounts specialize in recommending , Through recommended channels , Ordinary employees who can play recommendation , Buying a car or a house on the basis of performance commission is still struggling to think about how to drain ?

Finally, summarize :

Microblog platform , When you have a referral account , It's good to cash in , It's OK to receive advertisements and so on .

A period when everyone can share dividends , Are you still a laughing user ? Give yourself a chance to be gorgeous , From the user , Become a beneficiary , You can also !

The above is the Zhiyang entertainment introduced to you by the editor of Shenzhen Zhiyang culture media Co., Ltd : What are the methods of violence drainage recommended by Weibo , I hope you can help after reading !

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