Aiming at young people aged 5 to 12, the aviation quality education platform "get control" launched an aerospace education and entertainment solution

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writing  | Dai Haotong

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Over the years , In terms of quality education for teenagers , There is a lack of wealth in China 、 Diversified training approaches . In addition to the college entrance examination , Youth groups are difficult to diversify 、 Professional training and development .2019 year , The state has promulgated 《 Implementation plan of vocational education reform 》, Support students to achieve diversified career development from the policy level .

With “ Double subtraction ” The promulgation of the policy , The operation of general educational institutions is restricted , Most organizations lack the ability to iterate and transform quickly . among , Some educational institutions turn their business to steam education ( The latter covers science 、 technology 、 engineering 、 The comprehensive education mode of the five disciplines of art and Mathematics ), However, the existing steam There is a high degree of homogeneity in educational curriculum 、 The phenomenon of relying too much on Marketing .

Besides , Aerospace Education and entertainment services are popular in the field of domestic education , Educational institutions engaged in this field can be divided into two categories , They are upstream equipment manufacturers 、 General education and training company . But both of them have some shortcomings , The former lacks a high-quality curriculum content system , The latter lacks the ability to integrate resources in the field of Aviation Education . As a result, the current aerospace education courses on the market , Most of them focus on popular science education , Mainly for simple cognitive products , Lack of simultaneity , Therefore, it is difficult to produce a high repurchase rate .

It is precisely because of this market opportunity , Have to control the founder and CEO Liang Bosi and CFO Prince Yan Zai 2017 Was established in , Focus on providing a quality education platform combining Aerospace Education and entertainment experience , For children 、 Teenagers and other consumer groups .

In the core business , Have to control around education 、 Entertainment experience 、 retail Expand the layout in three directions . First , In Education , De control is set for 5-12 Aerospace courses for age groups , It can also be extended to 18 The age group , Divided into 6 A learning level . Course types cover General knowledge 、steam series 、 LEGO class 、 UAV programming steam、 Space theme research activities etc. . In the later stage, it is aimed at 18 The learning needs of high school teenagers to obtain COMAC driver's license , Dekong has also set up corresponding courses . such as , In the course research and development of professional simulation aircraft , Have to cooperate with the captain of Air China , Jointly complete curriculum research and development .

Have to control the flight base

secondly , In the entertainment experience business , For mass consumers , The self-developed professional flight simulator is adopted for acquisition and control , It can present the control feedback of the corresponding model of aircraft 、 Visual perception, etc , Provide Boeing 737 Simulated flight experience 、 Real flight experience of sports and navigation aircraft etc. . Last , In order to promote secondary consumption , Dekong has built a new retail business with theme and characteristics , Including flight uniforms and accessories 、 Simulated flight equipment 、 Retail services of cultural and creative products such as trendplay . Through the above three aspects of business , Dekong is committed to building “ Children's entertainment and quality education consumer market ” Combined business form .

Core strengths , Mainly reflected in its Design of aviation education curriculum On . Dekong has introduced airbus 320、 Boeing 737 And other professional simulator teaching equipment , The British PSHE And the United States steam The education system , And independently develop youth aviation theme courses . According to the cockpit 、 Passenger cabin 、 Security check area 、 Different topics such as air meal production and LEGO mechanical test , Created a different classroom design . According to the different ages of students , Dekong has set up six different levels of courses ,CEO Liang Bosi told 36 krypton , The last level is for 12 Students over the age of , At this stage , They can complete professional courses to learn flight technology .

Around the curriculum system 、 Entertainment experience 、 Marketing, etc. after setting up a set of service mode , In order to make up for the short board of hardware equipment , Dekong builds a complete supply chain by acquiring sunny Feiyang Technology Co., Ltd , The latter is the R & D manufacturer of simulated aircraft .

Wang Ziyan is right 36 Krypton representation , The acquisition of equipment manufacturers will help the company to occupy a certain advantage in terms of cost , It also helps the company flexibly adjust the configuration and upgrading of equipment according to the needs of consumer experience .

meanwhile , Dekong also passed the China Aviation Association as FC Association certification , And become the first authorized simulated flight coach training institution of the State General Administration of sports .

In business model , We have to take Combination of Direct stores and franchise stores The pattern of , In Beijing, 、 Shanghai 、 Shenzhen has opened direct stores in super first tier cities , And on the new front 、 Second and third tier cities adopt franchise mode . First , The direct store mode mainly includes flight base simulation flight experience 、 Overseas equipment leasing and other services , And the franchise stores take Aerospace courses as the center for chain franchise .

In the channel of getting customers , Wang Ziyan revealed , In the early stage, customers are mainly obtained through the experience service of offline stores , Among them is 80% About customers will become users of Aerospace Education Courses . Dekong adopts the charging mode of membership system , The membership fee is about 20000 yuan , Which includes 70 An aviation course , The average cost of each course is 200 yuan .

Wang Ziyan said , company revenue 60% Flight experience services from stores ,40% From curriculum education and retail business . In terms of revenue performance , since 2019 It has maintained a certain growth since ,2019 The annual revenue of a single offline store is about 143 Ten thousand yuan ,2020 Increased to 162 Ten thousand yuan . With 2021 In, the aviation curriculum system was completely launched and the real flight experience service was launched , At present, Dekong has opened six stores nationwide , Including three regional franchise stores and three direct stores , Total revenue month 2160 Ten thousand yuan , Net profit 108 ten thousand , expect 2022 Year company 48 The total revenue of each store will reach 1.7 One hundred million yuan .

On the team side , At present, the company's team members are about 500 Left and right , Which includes 200 An aviation course instructor , It's nearly half . In terms of Teacher Allocation , Teach small classes for , One tutor is assigned by de Kong to tutor six students . Teaching for middle class , A tutor and a teaching assistant , Share responsibility for 10 A student's lecture .