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「 Open Cloud entertainment class 」

Open Cloud entertainment class It is independently developed by Netease Yunxin and is oriented to the development of entertainment and social products 、 operating 、 Practical open courses for marketing and other jobs .

Open class by inviting Netease internal and external industry technical experts 、 Product manager and head of launch and marketing , Combined with many years of practical experience , around Entertainment social product technology 、 How to play 、 Put on the 、 Brand and safety compliance The content such as , Share the current mainstream entertainment and social products at home and abroad Technological development trend 、 Product growth model , Provide reference for entrepreneurs and practitioners in the entertainment and social industry .

In recent years, , As the growth rate of domestic Internet product users slows down , More and more enterprises begin to choose to have more Population advantage of Southeast Asia And possess The Middle East with greater spending power The market is the first choice for going to sea .

Facing such a huge incremental market , But we still need Give priority to solving the problem of user growth . That is, how to pass the sea area user 、 The media 、 channel Insight , With Innovative play 、 Precise delivery strategy For more 、 Better users .

In this issue 《 Launch of entertainment and social products at sea and marketing growth practice 》, As the second phase of Netease Yunxin Entertainment Social open course , Invited Google's new customers in Greater China are not games App The business leader, Beth 、BIGO Ads Jia Qiuying, head of advertising platform customers and agents 、 Su Zhongbin, head of Netease smart enterprise solutions, and Youdao Ads Ming Jianmei, head of big media , Around domestic entertainment and social networking products Sea play 、 trend 、 Customer growth share .

social contact App New trend of going to sea

Google Beth

For now , There are three main sub categories of sea social products , That is to Facebook As a representative of the Social networking , With Tinder As a representative of the Making friends , As well as Tik Tokt As a representative of the Pan entertainment .

Of these categories , In terms of internal purchasing capacity , Dating and Pan entertainment Significant growth and strong purchasing power ; In terms of permeability , Dating is the highest in the United States , Developing countries and Southeast Asian countries are lower , Of course , From the side, it also shows There are more market opportunities in lower penetration areas .

For domestic offshore applications , If you choose to launch overseas , stay In terms of text content, it is suggested to have appeal , At the same time, each sentence should be independent Not too long , And the material is comprehensive , Use at the same time App Store/Play Store official Badge; Video delivery , There is no so-called best picture length , So I suggest doing more AB test , Score and test films of different lengths , At the same time, the brand in the video needs to be placed in the most prominent position .

Talking about the future trend of entertainment and social play ,AI persona / Meta universe / Many new products have emerged in the Gamification social category , such as Replica:my friend With Set the virtual human as a social way , Interact through text and voice , meanwhile App According to the content of users' reply and interaction, they will respond to Develop the character of virtual human , So that the virtual human has the human design .

《 Social media helps make new breakthroughs in sea marketing

BIGO Ads  Jia Qiuying

At present ,BIGO Has formed a rich social media matrix , Based on existing Rich social media ecosystem , Can provide customers with picture 、 video 、 demo And other various forms of advertising display , At the same time, based on the intelligent optimization platform , Can provide customers with the whole chain of advertising services .

Based on this platform ,BIGO Ads Made a lot of practical cases . Like a social product , Because it mainly faces the Middle East , Therefore, at the beginning, it was conducted to users in Arabic speaking areas Targeted delivery , After the data has accumulated to a certain scale , And then to Deep event optimization function Optimize and improve . Besides , In terms of material display , In the embodiment of 1v1 Chat function at the same time , Highlight interactivity .

《 Pan Entertainment Social App Observation of playing methods at sea 》

Netease Yunxin   Su Zhongbin

We define social entertainment as : People engage in purposeful social behavior in some interesting way , Here are two key words , Namely “ Interesting ” and “ purposeful ”. Because user social interaction itself is a purposeful behavior , Entertainment needs to be interesting to attract users . On this basis , It can further extend the way of interaction between people , namely Single person interaction and Group interaction . Single person interaction tendency Social and private , Group is more inclined to Entertaining and public diverse .

The reason is to explore from the definition of entertainment and social networking , In fact, through the investigation of a large number of service customers , At present, there is a regular trend in the development of relatively mature overseas entertainment and social products business . At the beginning , Entertainment and social products through  1v1 Video chat As an entry point , So as to quickly build their own business framework ; In the middle , It will increase gradually Live broadcast of the business , In order to improve user retention and Arpu value , So as to pave the way for building a comprehensive business platform in the later stage . So in the long run , The form of entertainment and social products will be Mainly live video , With 1v1、 Live voice 、 Game social networking is an expanded multi product matrix social interactive entertainment platform .

For overseas entertainment and social products , Real time and generalization will coexist for a long time . Actually , Real time and virtualization are the typical characteristics of the alternation of entertainment and social networking , Early entertainment and social scenes emphasized real-time interaction , Because the real-time performance of entertainment and social products is a very important indicator to improve the product experience , such as 1v1 Real time matching in social scenes 、 The real-time nature of the call is also directly related to the retention of users . And then , On the premise of real-time experience , There will be more and more Virtual social products to supplement the existing entertainment social products play stagnant The problem of .

It can be said that there are more possibilities for the emergence of the concept of virtual universe , Both the industry and Netease Yunxin have done a lot of practical exploration , For example, the early appearance of beauty is the most basic expression of virtualization , At this stage, it is Virtual image 、 Virtual space As a concrete manifestation of virtualization .

future , Virtualization is more a superposition of virtual image and virtual space , Virtual image in virtual space More flexible At the same time , With Personality and “ Self - ” features , This is also the reason why Netease Yunxin is based on real-time communication technology , With a number of partners in the direction of continuous exploration .

Social entertainment App Sea , How to improve marketing ROI 》

youdao Ads Ming Jianmei

Under the new trend of global market development , social contact App Promote how to achieve high ROI Digital marketing ?

For social products, we need to continuously expand the purchase volume in the early stage , Maintain user size and retention within the product , Keep users active ; The buying platform is based on Facebook and Google Mainly . When the scale of users reaches a certain level , To start optimizing back-end payment , Because the purchase volume reaches a certain stage , The rising cost of , It is suggested to expand the launch of other platforms . After the delivery area is stable , With mature operation capability and resources , In the later stage, it is suggested that enterprises add new national products , And gradually began to pay attention to Brand influence , Do online marketing 、ASA Brand word launch etc. .

After understanding the delivery law , How to get better buying effect in different traffic channels , Achieve better user transformation at a lower cost , It is a key issue concerned by many overseas enterprises .

With Facebook For example , Its advantages are : User tags are accurate , Can target the relevant audience ; By combining AEO,Lookalike, Can improve advertising recycling , Suitable for quick loading . The disadvantage is that the material declines quickly and the audit is strict , The cost rises significantly . therefore , Pay attention to cost control in strategy , Focus on the material fading cycle , Increase the speed of material change , In terms of payment optimization , Improve AEO and VO The proportion of advertisements , With ROI Oriented optimization advertising , Use Lookalike Increase the payment rate .

and Google It has UAC Steady buying 、 Automatically match the display position 、 Good cost control 、 The material is loose 、 After the advertisement goes online, the data is stable , But because it will automatically allocate a variety of traffic , Advertising learning period is long , Longer recovery cycle , As a result, advertising costs tend to exceed . In this case , in consideration of UAC 1.0 Large advertising volume and low cost , So the early stage should A few tests , Focus on the back end ROI situation , then Improve 2.0 and 2.5 Proportion of advertising , In depth event testing is preferred , Observe costs and payments .

The above is the sharing summary of each guest , Next Netease Yunxin Entertainment Social open class phase III Already in active preparation , Want to get activity information in advance , Follow the official account to get the latest news ~

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