The "hell joke" in station B is banned from entertaining mischief on death, illness or disability

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IT The home of 5 month 11 Daily news , The little housekeeper of BiliBili community announced today , For the use of others to die in the community 、 Tragic experiences such as illness or disability , To win the attention of others and attract traffic “ Hell joke ”, Against provoking the crowd 、 Stand first 、 Part of the interaction and content of discriminatory and hate speech , It will be launched in the community in the near future “ Respect ” Special treatment .

Bili Bili official said , In the near future , We find that the phenomenon of making fun of others' illness or even death is spreading in the community , This kind of content is crowned with “ Hell joke ” Name spread in the community . We think this deconstruction is a serious topic , Take the joy of jokes as a shield , It's actually disrespect for others , Get happiness that violates traditional moral constraints from disrespect .

in addition , There are also some users who stand first , Use gender 、 occupation 、 Age and other factors divide dissidents and criticize others . This is also disrespect for others , Maybe someone can get a false sense of victory from this disrespect , Even a brief honor , But in fact, this behavior is further damage to the community environment , Exclusion of community users .

The measures are as follows :

1. Prohibition of death 、 Illness or disability ( Including physical and mental ) Entertaining pranks , The processing contents include but are not limited to :

  • The death of an individual 、 Interactive comments on trauma or disability ;

  • Indecent behavior, words and deeds on serious commemorative occasions , outlandish costume , Hold commemorative activities on non serious occasions, etc .

2. It is forbidden to deal with disasters 、 Entertainment mischief of sudden malignant social events , The processing contents include but are not limited to :

  • To disaster 、 Vicious social events and other interactive information such as manuscript content and comment barrage ;

3. It is forbidden to vent hatred against a group based on different positions such as gender , The processing contents include but are not limited to :

  • Gender based , To provoke opposition 、 Advocate discrimination 、 Remarks and acts of personal assault ;

  • Reduce the exposure of provoking conflicts between men and women and content with bad values

IT Home learned , For users who violate the above rules , Bili Bili will be officially conducted, not limited to Lower the exposure 、 Off shelf video or account blocking processing . In the first month of the implementation of the above rules, it will be set as the trial operation stage , During the trial operation, the contents are mainly deleted , If you have comments and suggestions , You can report through the report button “ Leading battle ” Complain or contact the official through online customer service .

After the trial run , The official will refer to the experience and suggestions in the process to further optimize the treatment , And the users who still have the above behaviors will be banned and punished .

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