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The original title : The entertainment system is overheating ! Tesla recalls 13 Ten thousand trams

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Tesla recalled this month 129,960 car , To fix the infotainment system that may overheat before and during fast charging .

Tesla says , It's passing OTA Software updates to address this defect , The software refreshes wirelessly like Smartphone Application updates , Make the recall a lighter burden for Tesla and affected car owners . Tesla owners do not need to send their vehicles to the service station .

Tesla has been for this year 2022 Year of Model 3 and 2022 Year of Model Y Seven recalls were issued , All of these have been solved through over the air software update . automobile , Especially electric cars , Rely more and more on computers to operate , Therefore, software repair may become more common . Compared with purchasing and installing physical components such as new airbags or engine components , The cost of these repair measures may also be much lower .

The recalls released this month include 2022 Tesla in 2000 Model 3s and Model Ys, as well as 2021 Years and 2022 Year of Model Ss and Model Xs, They are all running some versions of Tesla's operating system . One of these computer chips in Tesla's infotainment system may not be sufficiently cooled , Cause slow processing or restart . The infotainment system may lag or appear blank . Tesla owners rely on infotainment systems to achieve many functions , Including navigation 、 music 、 Heating and air conditioning 、 Adjust the windshield wiper speed and check the reversing camera .

Tesla said in a public document submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration , It has been found 59 Warranty claim and report on the issue . This year, 1 month , It replaces the computer chips in the affected infotainment system , Some vehicle problems have been preliminarily solved . To 4 month , It has developed a software update to solve this problem .

Tesla says , It didn't find any related accidents 、 Casualties .

A single traditional recall , That is, the affected owner must send the vehicle for repair , Could put carmakers in financial trouble , Because they have to pay for labor and parts to complete the repair .2015 year , General Motors spent... On recalls of ignition switches and other issues 41 Billion dollars .

Compared with the traditional recall , The recall completion rate of software updates is much higher , This is also a security advantage . Experts say ,OTA One disadvantage of the update is , They may encourage carmakers to release features that have not been fully tested , And it may be that the rough design is unsafe . Return to Sohu , To view more

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