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Sanya Tourism - Scenic spot

At present, the main scenic spots developed in Sanya are : Nanshan Cultural Tourism Area 、 Big and small 、 Yalong Bay 、 The ends of the earth 、 Dadonghai 、 Deer turn back 、 West Island 、 East Island 、 Wuzhizhou Island 、 Sanya's eternal love 、 Sanya ocean show 、 Nantian ecological Grand View Garden 、 Orchid world 、 Rose Valley 、 Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Park 、 Phoenix Ridge Park, etc .

Chinese flowering crabapple · Show

▲ Begonia in the theater · The show was created by top international teams , Combination of international positioning and excellent production , Its gorgeous visual gluttony 、 Luxury dreams that are both real and illusory 、 Amazing extreme experience , It will be the first wonder of the world's resident show .
▲ Large original musical 《 Chinese flowering crabapple · Show 》, Premiere at Wanda Grand Theater, Haitang Bay, Sanya . Gail · Director Edwards and the Chinese team , An ancient love legend spread in Haitang Bay, Sanya , Integrate the local Li ethnic customs and culture in Hainan , Take the internationally popular “ Show ” On the stage in the form of .
▲ From 、 Australia 、 Britain 、 beautiful 、 Love 5 Chinese artist team 、50 Top artists work together , Contribute to the international level of stage performance ;
▲ 33 Meter over the horizon stage presentation 、80 Minutes of extraordinary fate 、180 The suit shows the charming tropical style 、200 Square meter ultra clear video shows the strange fate of Xianfan 、502 The deluxe seat is located on the national coast of Haitang Bay .

Sanya Begonia show

For one thousand years , There is a beautiful and moving love legend in Haitang Bay, Sanya . A young archaeologist was on an expedition , I came to Li Zhai unexpectedly through time and space , There is a kind and beautiful girl named Haitang in the stockade , Her dexterous hands can weave the most beautiful Li brocade in the world . The beautiful Begonia was plotted and framed by greedy and evil witches , To send her to the altar , Can a young man with a magical Nautilus save Begonia ? A bloody love affair unfolded in this way ……《 Chinese flowering crabapple · Show 》 Our story is based on this beautiful love legend , Recreated this coastal wonder on the stage . The princess of flowers blooms brightly , Deduce the love of Begonia and Amin, lead and dream around . The confrontation between good and evil , In order to save Amin, Haitang falls into the hands of the evil witch Wang Niang's mother . Time and space flow , The stars and the moon are vast , After crossing , The protagonist Amin and Begonia deduce sweet love .《 Chinese flowering crabapple · Show 》 share 11 A large musical work , It is a new stage style combining musical drama with high-tech stage equipment , More than... In depth 33 On the stage of rice , Use more than 180 Gorgeous clothes and 200 Square meters of Ultra HD display screen , Create a dreamlike stage scene . The whole play is only... Long 80 minute , The production cost is as high as 6000 Ten thousand yuan . The play was invited to have won “ Emmy Award ” My Gail - Edwards directed the knife , Take this ancient love legend as an international popular “ Show ” On the stage in the form of , Turn the dome lamp 、 flying 、 Jujitsu 、 Pole climbing and other acrobatic elements are integrated into the performance of Forest Elves , It also adopts a large number of Li nationality songs and brocade skills with local characteristics in Hainan . It is worth mentioning that ,《 Chinese flowering crabapple · Show 》 From 7 Jointly created by internationally renowned artists from China , Is worthy of the name “ The China story , International interpretation ” Pattern , A unique cultural perspective of blending China and the West , Let the audience experience the unprecedented tension and shock . The play is located in Wanda Haitang Bay Grand Theater. The average investment per seat is as high as 12 ten thousand , Equivalent to a mid-range car , It's luxury . As a world-class permanent resident show rich in Chinese elements , The play will become a wonderful flower in full bloom on the national coast of Haitang Bay in Sanya .

Yalong Bay Central Plaza

Yalong Bay Central Square is the landmark of Yalong Bay National Tourist Resort , Covers an area of 71000 Square meters , Set sightseeing 、 entertainment 、 assembly 、 Catering and other functions . To welcome 1999 Built for World Tourism Day . The square totem pole is the highest point of the square , high 26、8 rice , from 200 Many huge granite and aluminum alloy Columns , It's carved with dragons 、 phoenix 、 bird 、 The pattern of fish and the four gods of wind, rain and lightning , Totem and sculpture are integrated . In the square , Four white sail style pointed tents , It adds a modern flavor to the square with ancient cultural connotation .

Yalong bay tropical paradise forest park

Yalong Bay tropical paradise forest park is located in Yalong Bay National Tourist Resort, Sanya City, Hainan Province, the only tropical coastal city in China . Total area 1506 ha , It is the first forest park in Sanya City developed and constructed in accordance with the National Forest Park specifications , It is the first coastal mountain ecological sightseeing and ecological vacation Forest Park in Hainan Province . The park is positioned as a world-class coastal mountain ecological sightseeing and ecological vacation Forest Park , The vegetation types are tropical evergreen rain forest and tropical semi deciduous seasonal rain forest . Its organism 、 Geography 、 Celestial phenomena 、 hydrological 、 Rich and colorful cultural resources , Landscape construction makes the most of ecological nature , Mountaineering exploration can be carried out 、 Field expansion 、 Leisure and sightseeing 、 Health holiday 、 Popular Science Education 、 Folk culture experience and other tourism activities . Hainan Province is the first ecological province in China , and “ Tropical paradise ” It is the nearest natural forest oxygen bar to the city .

Dadonghai tourist area

People often say that “ happiness as immense as the eastern sea ”、“ longevity ”. Now we see the Dadonghai tourist area , It's a long summer without winter , Surrounded by green mountains , tree-lined , Plus sunshine 、 Clear water 、 The beach , It forms a beautiful tropical coastal scenery . Dadonghai is located between Yulin port and Luhuitou , The crescent shaped beach is about 2 km ,1985 Open to the outside world in ,1992 In, Dadonghai was rated as national tourism by the National Tourism Administration 40 One of the best scenic areas . The beach here is gentle , The sea is shallow and deep , Even in the North , Winter when water drops into ice , The water temperature here is also kept at 18’—22‘ Between , It is one of the ideal places for sunbathing and sea bathing . Unfortunately , Because the scenic spot was developed earlier , Seawater and seabed resources have suffered varying degrees of pollution and man-made destruction . The marine entertainment here is better than that on the dividing island 、 West Island and xiaodonghai have been slightly inferior , The crowded scene of the scenic spot in those days has long ceased to exist , But we might as well stop there for a while 20 Minute time , Take pictures and ask for a “ happiness as immense as the eastern sea ” Good mouth color can .

Luhuitou Peak Park

It is located on Luhuitou Peninsula at the southwest end of Sanya City , It is also a landmark scenic spot in Sanya . It's surrounded by the sea on three sides , One side is adjacent to Sanya City , It is an ideal place to climb to the sea and watch the sunrise and sunset , It is also the commanding height overlooking the panoramic view of Sanya City , At an altitude of 284 rice . Standing high in the park overlooking , You can have a panoramic view of Sanya City . It is also a famous city in Hainan “ Qingshan ”, A beautiful Li family love story has been circulating here for thousands of years, waiting for us to aftertaste .

Phoenix Ridge Park

FengHuangLing park is the only one in Sanya city that can have a panoramic view of Sanya Bay 、 The beauty of urban architecture and urban landscape , been , The mountains of Sanya 、 The sea 、 city 、 God 、 Trees 、 Unique natural landscapes such as birds and animals will be at a glance . Sanya FengHuangLing park is the only place in Sanya City with a panoramic view of Sanya Bay 、 The beauty of urban architecture and urban landscape . Sanya FengHuangLing park has the most luxurious European air passenger ropeway in the world

The ends of the earth

The world-famous is located about to the west of Sanya 23 Kilometers of Tianya Haijiao Town, at the foot of Xiamaling mountain , Front sea and back mountain , The scenery is unique . The area of the scenic spot is now 16.4 Square kilometers .     The ends of the earth are composed of a group of boulders and beaches , Three of these boulders are the most striking . One is engraved with “ The end of the world ” Two words , It was Yongzheng in the Qing Dynasty 11 Cheng Zhe, governor of Yazhou in , On another boulder “ Cape ” Two words , It is inferred that it was written by a scholar in the late Qing Dynasty , Because of the long time, his name can't be verified . Not far from the ends of the earth is another piece engraved with “ Southern sky column ” A huge stone with four big characters , So from the end of the world 、 Cape 、 A column in the South sky, a group of large and small , The fascinating scenic spot of the ends of the earth is composed of various reefs and bent coconut trees inserted on the silver white beach , In fact, the beauty of the ends of the earth is hidden in the depths of the sea and sky , Need to feel with your heart , You will suddenly realize the uncanny workmanship of nature .

Nanshan Buddhist culture garden

Located in the south of Sanya , From downtown 40 km , To the north of the tourist area 255 The national highway and Hainan Huandao Expressway pass through , Planned investment 60 Billion yuan to build . Nanshan tourist area is divided into three theme parks  (1) Nanshan Buddhist Culture Park is an exhibition of Chinese Buddhist culture , Full of profound philosophical implication ,  Can enlighten the mind 、 The garden of educating life . Its main buildings are Nanshan Temple 、 Guanyin Buddha in the South China Sea (108 rice )、 Guanyin culture garden 、 Tianzhu relic 、 Buddhist name shengjingyuan 、 Ten square pagodas and the garden of return 、 Buddhist Cultural Exchange Center 、 Suzhai shopping street, etc . (2) China Fushou Cultural Park is a collection of the essence of Chinese culture , Highlight peace 、 Peaceful 、 Happiness 、 A park with a peaceful atmosphere ; (3) Nanhai style cultural park , It is a city that makes use of the blue sky and blue sea around Nanshan 、 Sunshine beach 、 The unique charm of mountains, forests, sea reefs and other landscapes , Highlight the natural scenery along the coast of the South China Sea and the cultural customs of Li village and Miao village .     Just at 2005 year 4 month 24 The sun shines on the sea 108 The meter high three sided Guanyin is a symbol of Oriental Culture , Hainan's local landmark architectural landscape , They represent “ peace 、 wisdom 、 compassion ” The moral of , When you enter this blue sea Buddha country , Worship Guanyin , Experience the breadth and depth of Buddhist culture , Feel a journey away from the hustle and bustle of the city , That's really free and easy 、 Holy 、 Holy journey of happiness

Big and small

AAAAA The scenic spot . Visitors say it is the most beautiful scenic spot in Sanya to see the sea , Stay away from Sanya , West Line Expressway 40 km . go by the name of 800 Wonders of mountains and seas ,93 Jiang Zemin visited Hainan in , And affectionate inscriptions in the small cave :“ The blue sea stretches far into the sky , QiongYa is full of spring ”. The grotesque rocks in the scenic spot are jagged , hidden but beautiful spot ,“ A day in the cave , Ten years on earth ” . There's nearly 2 Ten thousand old pines —— Little flower dragon blood tree , The longest service life can reach 7000 many years , Taking pictures is free , Add happiness and longevity to you . There is also a book written by Empress Dowager Cixi “ Long life ” The story of word tablet .      You can take a battery car to visit .

Sanya entertainment

You can enjoy a game suitable for all ages without leaving the country , Southeast Asian characteristic performances that enjoy both refined and popular tastes , After watching the red artist show , I believe you will also think that this kind of performance is actually quite elegant and wonderful ,

Sanya Junda motor show hall and Italy bizano (BIZZARRO) Dream team cooperate with each other , It is jointly built by top drivers from five European countries , Deep packaging is an international top , Thrill , Ultra high grade car stunts that challenge the limits ( Cars and motorcycles )

Sanya beautiful crown Culture Exhibition Center is located in the urban area of Sanya City , It is adjacent to the second ring road of the main road and Hubao mountain in the East 、 South to Xinfeng road , West of Sanya East River 、 To the north is the famous flower park , Beautiful environment , convenient transportation . The whole center covers an area of 152148 Square meters , It will be implemented in two phases . Phase I is the main building and square of the Convention and Exhibition Center 、 Leisure promenade 、 The parking lot 、 Green belt and other ancillary works ; The second phase is the club building complex and artificial lake 、 Artificial island and other projects . The exhibition center is for 2003 year 12 month 6 The... Was held in Sanya on the th 53 The competition venue specially built for the Miss World Finals , It is composed of two functional areas: Performance Center and beauty Museum , Steel cable membrane structure is adopted , Construction area of 13000 Square meters , Oval shaped , Long shaft diameter 106 rice , Minor shaft diameter 92 rice , Total building height 37.8 rice , Can accommodate the audience 4000 More than .

Sanya eternal scene area is not only a simple scenic spot , It's a theme park 、 Cultural performance 、 Different functions such as entertainment and leisure are combined .    The theme of the scenic spot is Yazhou ancient city 、 Elephant Valley 、 Pirate war 、 Science and technology amusement park 、 Li Village 、 Miao Village 、 Flowers on the mountain 、 Yelin Bay 、 Dozens of theme areas such as totem square , Is to experience Sanya Tianya culture 、 Li Miao culture 、 Where the original ecological folk culture is most concentrated .

Take a luxury yacht to visit the night view of Sanya Bay , Night view “ Coconut Dream Corridor ”, Fully appreciate the beautiful night scenery of Sanya in the gentle cool wind , Free items are provided on board : beer 、 Fresh juice 、 Cara OK、 Disco senior ; There are also various self funded projects to choose from : Such as romantic sea fireworks 、 Delicious seafood barbecue 、 All kinds of snacks, etc .

Sanya Shopping Introduction

Sanya coastal resort commercial entertainment theme block , Both the modern prosperity of the business center and the beautiful environment of the tourist area , It is a well deserved leader of Sanya City

Sanya cuisine

Come to Sanya , Besides looking at the beautiful sea 、 Breathe the fresh air I haven't seen for a long time , Sanya's delicious food can't be missed . Four local dishes in Hainan : Wenchang chicken 、 Jacketed duck 、 Hele crab 、 Dongshan sheep , Four famous dishes , Have distinguishing feature each . Depend on the sea to eat the sea , I believe that every visitor to Sanya will not miss the fat seafood feast , You must not miss all kinds of fresh seafood , Authentic Hainan's four famous dishes must also be tried . Sanya is rich in tropical fruits , And it's cheap , Mango. 、 Papaya 、 durian 、 Lotus mist can be seen everywhere . Besides , Sanya's special snacks are refreshing and refreshing 、 Baoluo powder 、 Fried fruit with ice is also a must .

The first day ; All over the country —> Sanya pick up —> Sanya Hotel

The activity is a customized tour with a national team , We started from Chengdu . Let's go to... With great pleasure “ International tourism island ”, Upon arrival, you will take the bus to your hotel , Along the way, you can enjoy the beautiful southern scenery of Sanya . Arrive at the hotel to check in , Then move freely .
The recent air ticket is not expensive , You can check the prices of flights to Sanya from all over the world on the plane tickets of marhoneycomb .

the second day ; Wuzhizhou island —> Queen's Bay —> Seafood market

Today we will leave for 【 Wuzhizhou island tourist scenic spot 】, This is Feng Xiaogang's movie 《 Personal tailor 》 Location , It's a paradise for exile , Here you can experience synchronized breathing with the sea , Feel the private customized sea viewing time . Then came the beautiful 【 Queen's Bay 】, ad locum , You can catch delicious seafood yourself , Enjoy the surprise of sea fishing .
Come to Sanya for vacation , Seafood is also the most delicious food to be missed .【 Sanya Wanren seafood square 】 It's even more popular , Become the best choice for foreign tourists and Sanya citizens to eat seafood , It has also become a popular punch in place of Sanya Tourism Network .“ Transparent kitchen ” Live seafood processing , In the dining environment of civilians in the market , Give you a chance to find delicious food freely .

1.  When you go to Queen's Bay, you'd better bring your own personal hygiene products , Sunscreen , Swimwear , Towels, etc .
2.  To protect the seabed ecological environment , Don't pick Coral 、 Any undersea creature such as a conch .

On the third day ; Nanshan Cultural Tourism Area —> Yacht out to sea —> Paradise Forest Park

【 Nanshan Cultural Tourism Area 】 stay 108 Praying under the statue of Guanyin in Nanhai , In this Buddhist holy land 、 Find a way to return to nature in Brahma's pure land 、 The personal feeling of returning to nature .

【 Yacht out to sea 】 Yacht sailing brings you 360° A full range of marine culture experience tourism, listening to the waves 、 Bask in the sunshine 、 Look at the scenery 、 Selfie “ No need to carve ” The natural beauty of . Personally experience the sailor pulling the rope 、 Sail , Steer like a captain 、 Sail 、 A series of professional operations of international sailing ships, such as ballast , Step on the sea and feel the cool waves sliding , Let the sea breeze blow your hair and leave the most unforgettable aesthetic room in your life .

【 Yalong Bay Paradise Forest Park 】 Come to the movie 《 If you are the one II》 、 TV play 《 dear , beloved 》 Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park , Feel the stimulation of the glass plank road , Looking at the aircraft carrier base and the South China Sea , Close look 《 Not II》 Movie cabin villas —— The bird's nest dotted with stars , Feel the aesthetic scene of the film , View the invincible beauty of the first Bay in the world .

The fourth day ; duty-free store —> Helicopter low altitude sightseeing —> Dadonghai scenic spot

【 Helicopter low altitude sightseeing 】 Go to Dadonghai scenic spot , We'll take a helicopter here , Soar in the vast romantic sky , Overlooking the blue dream sea , Play romantic islands from a new perspective , Bully your circle of friends , Feel the temperature of Sanya and the romantic scene of Yelin gallery .

【 Sanya duty free shop 】 This is a shopping paradise for girls , All kinds of famous brands gather , The price is much more beautiful than the domestic counter , Beautiful scenery, delicious food and beautiful things will not delay ! You can choose whether to go or not , Children's shoes that don't go to duty-free shops can have a beauty sleep in the hotel today , Or swim in the hotel pool , Or go to the beach and bathe in the sun , All good choices !

Fifth day ; End of the trip —> Return to your warm home

After breakfast , Free all day . Fly back to your warm home according to the flight time , End a beautiful trip .

Ticket reference

Big ticket
Sanya Yalong Bay Paradise Forest Park
158 element / people
Small ticket
Glass plank road of Paradise Forest Park
98/ element / people
Small ticket
Paradise Forest Park magic cinema
80/ element / people
Big ticket
Sanya Tianya Haijiao scenic spot
81/ element / people
Big ticket
Wuzhizhou Island Scenic Spot
144 element / people
Big ticket
Sanya Nanshan Cultural Tourism Area
129 element / people
* The above is the reference price of some scenic spots , The actual price is subject to the sale of the scenic spot , There is no compulsory consumption in the scenic spot , Choose... Voluntarily , At your own expense , Tickets for the second tour in the scenic spot are subject to the actual price ( Including cableway 、 Battery car 、 Sightseeing bus, etc ), Entertainment facilities on the island can be played according to personal preferences . Free choice of consumption , For more scenic spot tickets, please consult .
Sunshine and temperature in Sanya , UV is stronger , You must pay attention to sunscreen , Sandals , Beach pants , skirt , hat , sunglasses , The camera , These need to be prepared . For more travel information, please pay attention to ; WeChat ;13550333351
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