[picture] uwep submarine wants to build an underwater entertainment place: it can accommodate 120 guests

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in fact , It's probably the most spacious submarine design we've ever seen . It's long 35.1 rice (115 feet ), wide 7.7 rice (25 feet ), high 7 rice (23 feet ), Yes 14 A huge 、 The diameter is 4.5 rice (14.8 feet ) The acrylic window can see , There is high intensity lighting outside , So that everyone can clearly see the situation outside .

This thing is so huge , So that the front and back parts are divided into two layers -- Above is an area similar to the stage , For extra seats , The lower part hides the crew's cabin in front , Behind is a restaurant The kitchen And five bathrooms . If the seats on the floor are not enough to make your big man feel special enough , The bar can be equipped with a VIP lounge , So they can get the exclusive treatment they are used to .

UWEP The steel pressure hull allows it to dive below the surface 200 rice (650 feet ), This is not a huge depth in the planning of things , But it's deep enough to make people really feel that you're no longer Kansas. This is a fully electric submarine , There are four 80 kw (107 horsepower ) Horizontal thrusters and four 40 kw (54 horsepower ) Vertical thrusters to assist ballast and buoyancy systems . The top speed is very leisurely on the water 3 section (3.5 miles / Hours /5.6 km / Hours ), Underwater is 2.5 section (2.9 miles / Hours /4.6 km / Hours ), So we don't recommend using it as an escape tool .

Interestingly ,U-Boat Worx Will use " High capacity lead acid " Battery as a huge 1.2 Megawatt hour under floor battery pack . The company said , This is enough to meet the needs of 18 An hour's journey , Or take several short trips between charges -- If things don't go well , A separate emergency battery will keep the critical system safe 96 Hour online .

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