Tiantian entertainment review │ "the world": cold or warm, are sincere realism

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Qilu Evening News · Qilu one point reporter Ni Zifang

Reality drama 《 human world 》 It's about to end , In the last ten episodes , The style of the play suddenly became cold : The life in the play came to the nineties , There are many disputes about Zhou Nan , The Zhou family's parents died , later , Zhou Nan left , Luoshibin left , Secretary Qu is gone , Mrs. Jin has gone , Zhou Bingkun was jailed , Catch up and go . For more than a week , The show sent away seven of its members , Coupled with the controversial imprisonment of zhoubingkun , Some netizens commented on ,《 human world 》 At this stage, the hue is a little gray , A little cold .

stay 《 human world 》 In quite a long space , I can still see a few cold traces of educated youth literature , This is not only reflected in Zhou Bingyi 、 Haodongmei is in the story of BINGTUAN and zhiqingdian , Also reflected in zhoubingyi 、 For quite a long time after Zhou Rong returned to the city . Whether Nannan and luoshibin met and the plot of their recognition , It extends the second half of the whole series , Such a plot , There was a similar expression in the dramas about educated youth 30 years ago . For the author liangxiaosheng , Traces of educated youth literature are inevitable , That is, after all, his most familiar field . But in another sense , This is also the author's record and expression facing the reality , Such a realistic expression , It not only includes all kinds of literary traces of educated youth , It also includes the second half of the series, zhoubingkun 、 Nannan's amazing experience , Such a surprising experience , Follow the content of the original book , It's still there 《 human world 》 The coldness of temperament .

Of course , Lengjun is not 《 human world 》 The only style , In the first twenty episodes of the series , Although life has many twists and turns , But the overall style is bright and warm : Zhou Rongyuan went to Guizhou , Life is hard but the spirit is high ; Zhoubingyi is in the Corps , Have love , Have confidence in the future ; Zhoubingkun has gone through many setbacks , Or meet your own love . later , Zhoubingyi and Zhourong were admitted to Peking University , Life has twists and turns , But the future has imagination . so to speak , The first twenty episodes 《 human world 》, It is a warm realistic style .

《 human world 》 The first half is warm and realistic , It is no stranger to readers or audiences who are familiar with Chinese contemporary literature . Realism is the keynote of contemporary Chinese literature , But there is no lack of idealistic or romantic expression . It's far away 《 Ordinary world 》 It is a model of epic narration , But Sun Shaoan's life trajectory , The relationship between sunshaoping and Xiaoxia , The whole novel has a bright but restrained ending , Both are idealism or romanticism that occasionally flashes in the realistic style .《 human world 》 So it is with , The Zhou family has two generations and four people , Two were admitted to Peking University 、 Two were admitted to Tsinghua University , Zhoubingyi became the son-in-law of the provincial Party secretary , Zhou Rong's embarrassed but decent life track , Some plots of zhoubingkun who loves life , They are all expressions of idealism . This makes the epic narrative 《 human world 》 It's about “ Life history ” At the same time , There is no lack of warm taste .

《 human world 》 Of the 52 Set , It can be called the episode with the most lines of Zheng Juan played by Yin Tao , The conversation under the candlelight , yes 《 human world 》 The best combination of cold and warm realism . Zhoubingkun asked , How have you been these years ? ZhengJuan said , Hard . ZhengJuan said , I have a lesson , If you feel bad , I just want to be happy , You said that in this life , It always has a happy thing , For not ? Just say we , How many things have you experienced over the years , It's hard , Didn't you make it ?

Is life hard ? Chew and swallow . Is life sweet ? Feel it quietly . Bitter or sweet , All are the proper meaning of life . Cold ? That is the truth of life . Is it warm ? That is a romantic imagination . Cold or warm , Are sincere realism . stay 《 human world 》 in , Feel the ups and downs of life , Feel the coldness or warmth of life , Feel the hot real life and life .

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