Why is it the best way of emotional healing?

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Why are babies moved by music ?

There is a , Tian Yimiao wanders around the Internet , See a hot video . A one-year-old doll , Her mother died . When the nanny coaxed her , Sing a song that her mother often sings to her . The nanny sang with potholes , The tune of this song is also vague , But the doll listened , Actually began to shed tears . She didn't cry , She is too young , I can't make a sad expression , But her tears were big , Out of the big blue eyes . Tian Yimiao couldn't help turning off the computer and crying .

Whether baby or old , Both men and women , People have been touched by music . Because essentially , Music is an emotion , Is a kind of primitive emotional language . Music makes us understand emotion . And vice versa , Music and other great arts are constantly opening up the boundaries of people's emotional experience .

↑ 198 element , Teach you to understand classical music ↑

Why do awesome people listen to classical music ?

Einstein will play Bach's sonata to the participants after the debate on relativity ;

Nietzsche once admitted that he “ After all, he is an old musician , There is no consolation but music ”;

Apple founder Steve Jobs was diagnosed with cancer , Ask to play classical music at your funeral .


Classical music can improve music literacy 、 Temperament grade , It can also help us control our emotions 、 Treat insomnia , All the anxiety 、 pressure 、 Pain can be healed .

But do you have these puzzles ?

I haven't learned musical instruments since childhood , I don't know music theory , I always feel that classical music is far away from you ?

It's not easy to buy tickets to see a concert if you want to improve your taste , But I didn't understand it , The more you listen, the more sleepy you get ?

I want my children to understand classical music , But I don't know which classical music is more suitable for children ?

But in fact ……

Run and listen to Bach with strong rhythm , Inspire your athletic potential , Physical and mental relaxation ;

When I was sleepy in the afternoon, I listened to Haydn's symphony , It can refresh your mind ;

Listen to brain wave music when you are nervous , Get to work quickly 、 The best state of study and emotion .

Classical music is not far away from us ,

If you find classical music difficult to understand ,

Maybe there is something wrong with your way of getting started !

Why listen to Tian Yimiao talk about classical music ?

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