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Tenglong has a good reputation 【k886.tv】 tiny 『105205765〕 Welcome to , Entertainment first choice , Safe and reliable , Speed games ! The company has always adhered to fairness 、 justice 、 Open business principles , International brand reputation comes first ! Welcome to try !
Bill jumped to his feet , Put on your dressing gown , Come to the dining room . The dining room was empty , But it can be seen that there was a rich but hurried breakfast . The house was in a mess , The kitchen was piled with unwashed dishes . Every pot and jar he owned seemed to have been used . The next cleaning work was miserable and real , It convinced him that the party last night was not part of his nightmare , Although his heart is so eager . The thought of the gang leaving without him , And I didn't want to wake him up at all (“ But I didn't even say thank you .” He thought ), He really felt relieved ; But somehow , He could not help feeling a little lost . This feeling surprised him .

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