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 picture source @ Vision China

picture source @ Vision China

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In recent days, , Sky eye data display ,2022 Since then , Beijing New oxygen Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has added more network tort liability disputes , The plaintiff includes Yang Mi 、 Qin lan 、 Xu Wei chau 、 Jiang Qinqin 、 Zhang Hanyun 、 Jinqiaoqiao and other stars .

according to an uncompleted statistic , since 2016 year 10 Since the month , Lu Han 、 Hua Chenyu 、 Ju Jingyi 、 Yueyunpeng et al 90 More than a few stars have been “ Network tort liability disputes 、 Portrait right dispute ” Prosecution New oxygen Medical beauty .

Founded on 2013 year , As an internet medical beauty platform , New oxygen It's a traffic business , Encourage users to publish real medical and beauty diaries to attract traffic , And then collect advertising fees by recruiting medical and aesthetic institutions 、 Facilitate the realization of the transaction .2019 year , New oxygen Against the “ The first stock of internet medical beauty ” halo , Successfully listed in the US stock market . But here's what I didn't expect , Going public is the peak , For four years New oxygen The share price went all the way down , From issue price 13.8 The dollar fell to 1 dollar , The market value has shrunk to 1 Billion dollars .

At the end of last year , Lost 10 billion of the market value New oxygen There was news of privatization , But in such a dismal performance , Can it go smoothly ?

01、 New oxygen Traffic password for , Look anxious

As a medical beauty circle “ Public comment ”, New oxygen It is definitely a good hand in creating facial anxiety .

Advertising , New oxygen The road has always been wild . Early years New oxygen Because brainwashing advertising words , Large scale circle breaking has been realized . Shout “ New oxygen Medical beauty , It's all right , Women are not complete until they are beautiful , To be a woman is a good thing ” Slogan advertising , In the elevator 、 On the display screen in the corridor, the brainwashing type circulates , It has caused widespread controversy on the Internet , Was criticized by China Women's daily “ Harbour evil intent designs ”“ A bunch of nonsense ”.

This time, , And because of false propaganda , Half the stars in the entertainment circle came to protect their rights . so to speak , On the subject of facial anxiety , New oxygen I am already familiar with the road , In addition to the magic brainwashing advertisement , So are the celebrity online celebrities with high public opinion attention “ The hype ” Great material for .

stay New oxygen We media official account has rubbed the star traffic on the title for many times , From the title to the content, it points to facial anxiety , Guide everyone to pay for medical beauty .

“ The strongest surface is behind the sea !42 I can still make a comeback with the beauty of thousands of people ”

“ Guan Xiaotong 、 Liu Yifei , All female stars end up in motherhood ”

“ Zhaoliying's photos are nothing ? Please taste the book model Ju Jingyi nine years ago ”

Not only on the official account , The copywriting about how to become beautiful like a star has spread to New oxygen APP Station . Medical beauty is a sensitive topic in the entertainment circle , Stars naturally want to stand up and defend their rights .2021 year 10 month , Wu Qilong 、 Ju Jingyi 、 Jingtian 、 Yang Ying and many other stars sued New oxygen , because New oxygen Unauthorized use of their photos to promote medical and aesthetic services .

After being sued by many stars , New oxygen The sophistry given is that the platform user privately used the star photos, which led to the platform being sued , And issued a statement of apology , Expressing full acceptance of criticism and correction . earlier , New oxygen Li Xiaolu was accused of infringing upon the right of portrait 、 On the grounds of reputation , Finally, the court won the case . New oxygen Apologize to lixiaolu , And compensate 100 More than ten thousand yuan . After the event New oxygen Allegation , Medical beauty is not a derogatory term , Saying that a star has cosmetic surgery does not mean insulting or slandering the star .

In fact, it's not just the stars who suffer , The rights and interests of ordinary medical and aesthetic lovers have not been protected . As “ Medical and aesthetic intermediary ” role , New oxygen There are also big loopholes in the audit of platform advertising , Many false advertisements spread wantonly on the platform .

stay “ False propaganda ” In this matter , New oxygen Has been warned by the market supervision bureau for many times 、 punish .

last year 10 month , Exposed in the market supervision bureau 10 False publicity in the medical and American market 、 In unfair competition cases such as counterfeiting and confusion , There are two things that are related to New oxygen of . One is in New oxygen Use false cases to publicize on the platform , One is in New oxygen Fabricate false evaluation propaganda on the platform .

There are industry insiders said , stay New oxygen On the platform , Has formed a brush praise , Provide ash products with parity cash back .2019 year , The Beijing News reported that , There are businessmen who are right about “ Beautiful diary ” The marked price is 2000 Yuan a , Before and after the operation, a set of hundreds of yuan .

Black cat complaint display ,2022 The year is about New oxygen Of complaints , There are still questions about “ Review returns ” Clause complaints , It is called “Su Smoke ink ” Of consumers described in the complaint , New oxygen The platform is right “ Quality reviews ” There are strict rules , Include comments and pictures “ The contrast is obvious ”.

This year, 1 month , Shanghai puerui Eye Hospital Co., Ltd. is also in New oxygen Illegal release of effect advertisements on the platform , Be punished with 10 Up to ten thousand yuan .

This year, 3 month , A penalty information published on the website of Shanghai market supervision administration shows that , Shanghai oulaimei medical beauty hospital Co., Ltd. is located in New oxygen Release inductive content on the platform 、 Contains drugs involved 、 Use the patient's nominal image to make recommendations and publish uncensored medical advertisements , Was fined by Shanghai Songjiang district market supervision administration 2 Ten thousand yuan and warn .

An ugly platform 、 Medical and aesthetic institutions are making a lot of money , It is the interests of consumers that suffer . What's more? , Medical beauty is a high-risk service project .

2021 year , Hangzhou wanghong Xiaoran has liposuction in Hangzhou Huayan medical beauty hospital , Then it causes systemic infection and multiple organ failure , The death of the invalid rescue has aroused public concern . The agency was established as early as 2019 It was settled in New oxygen , And be New oxygen Certified as anxinggou and authentic alliance , But after the accident , New oxygen They quickly removed the relevant pages from the shelves .

Losing the trust of consumers New oxygen , The road to listing is also very bumpy .

02、 Going public is the peak , Users are running away

Top “ The first stock of internet medical beauty ” halo , Pre Market New oxygen I have made money . data display ,2016~2018 year , New oxygen Respectively realize the business income 4900 Ten thousand yuan 、2.59 One hundred million yuan 、6.17 One hundred million yuan , But here's what I didn't expect , New oxygen Since the listing, the share price has plummeted , In the last year, the market value has evaporated 10 billion yuan .

since 2019 Since its launch in , New oxygen Share price goes down all the way , By 5 month 26 Before the day , New oxygen Report per share 1.1 dollar , The total market value 1.16 Billion dollars , It has shrunk by more than 90% compared with the peak , The market value has evaporated nearly 10 billion yuan .

about New oxygen Come on , The bigger crisis is the ensuing negative news , Broke the confidence of users , A large number of users are fleeing New oxygen . according to New oxygen 2022 The latest financial report for the first quarter of 2009 shows that , First quarter New oxygen The average monthly number of mobile terminals is 440 ten thousand , The month on month ratio has decreased 40%, The same period last year was 840 ten thousand .2021 The monthly activity of the whole year showed a downward trend .

2022 First quarter of 2009 , The total number of users who have purchased the reservation service is 12.04 ten thousand , Year-on-year decline in 17.9%. The more serious situation is ,2022 First quarter of 2009 , New oxygen The performance is not good , Not only did the revenue decline , Loss continues to grow . Results show that ,2022 First quarter of 2009 , New oxygen Total revenue fell 16.5% to 3.003 One hundred million yuan , Net loss 6680 Ten thousand yuan , Year on year expansion 48%.

New oxygen The revenue is mainly composed of two parts : Booking service fee and information service fee . The former is that consumers pass New oxygen Book medical beauty items and products and pay to New oxygen Commission ; The latter refers to settlement New oxygen The medical and aesthetic institutions and products of New oxygen Paid promotion expenses , That is advertising expenses . But since the 2021 Over the years , New oxygen Our revenue capacity continues to decline .

Information service revenue is New oxygen The bulk of our revenue , Results show that ,2022 First quarter of 2009 , Information services and other income are 1.995 One hundred million yuan , Year on year decline 28.2%; The revenue from booking services is 4240 Ten thousand yuan , Year on year decline 48.2%. The financial report explained that , The reasons for the decline in information service revenue are , The average revenue from paid subscription information services of medical service providers has decreased .

Picture source @ New oxygen Officer of micro

in fact , New oxygen The number of medical service providers subscribing to information services on the platform has been continuous 2 Quarter on quarter decline , from 2021 First quarter 2191 home , Drop to 2022 First quarter 1891 home . Results show that , New oxygen The total amount of medical beauty transactions promoted by the platform is 3.415 One hundred million yuan , The month on month ratio has decreased 35.9%.

Need to know ,2021 Second quarter , New oxygen The total value of the medical beauty transaction promoted by the platform once exceeded 10 One hundred million yuan , achieve 10.393 One hundred million yuan . Since then, it has been falling all the way down to now . In the first quarter's financial report and revenue , New oxygen For the first time, it has joined the revenue of device sales and maintenance services , by 0.58 One hundred million yuan , This part of the increment comes from 2021 year 6 month New oxygen Completed the acquisition of Wuhan Qizhi laser . Due to the addition of device sales in the business structure , And the shrinking proportion of the original platform business revenue ,2022 First quarter , New oxygen The gross profit margin fell to 64.51%.

New oxygen Reduce the investment in brand marketing and user acquisition , The marketing expense rate increased from the same period last year 67.39% Drop to 42.36%. Although marketing expenses have decreased , New oxygen The management cost and R & D cost have increased to varying degrees . The overall operating loss rate increased from the same period last year 16.70% Widened to 25.90%.

Analysts said , New oxygen since 2020 Years later, the profit showed a trend of continuous decline ,2021 Losses began to appear in . New oxygen The cost of marketing continues to increase , But the number of live months has not increased , There is no corresponding demand for payment . With the increasingly strict restrictions on medical beauty advertising , It will seriously affect the company's main business in the future .

03、 Domestic trouble and foreign invasion , Privatization is a variable

At the moment , New oxygen We are facing internal and external troubles .

One side , With the increasingly strict regulatory environment of the medical and aesthetic industry , New oxygen Wait for the medical beauty platform to enter the era of strictest supervision , At any time, they will face reorganization 、 Off the shelf 、 The risk of punishment .

2021 year 8 month , The State Administration of market supervision has issued 《 Law enforcement guidelines for medical beauty advertising ( Solicitation draft )》, Article 10 clearly stipulates that “ Market supervision departments at all levels should guide 、 Urge the network platform to establish and improve the internal audit mechanism , In advertising 、 In the process of providing Internet Information Services , Intercept illegal medical beauty advertising information . The network platform operator fails to perform the platform responsibility according to law , The market supervision department shall strictly investigate and deal with ”. In the opinion draft , The part involving medical beauty advertisement , Will be directly to New oxygen The main business of .

New oxygen stay 2021 It was publicly disclosed in , from 7 month 18 The day is coming 8 month 31 Japan , Accumulative interception of suspected illegal medical and American commodities 174102 example 、 Institutions 1054 Time 、 Illegal or out of range medical practitioners 1717 Person time 、 False orders and evaluation 12370 Time , Total intercept 、 Dispose of illegal medical information 189234 Time .

Some large medical and aesthetic institutions are studying “ Go to New oxygen turn ”. According to insiders , from 2020 Year begins , Shanghai's large-scale medical and beauty chain organizations have begun to implement “ Go to New oxygen turn ” policy . The person said , Before listing New oxygen Often unilaterally change agreements and contracts , Write the overlord clause , After going public New oxygen It is even more a one size fits all policy , Even privately sell off customers' phone calls to relevant institutions .2020 year 8 month , New oxygen Because of illegal use of personal information ,APP mandatory 、 frequent 、 The Ministry of industry and information technology requires rectification due to excessive request for user authority .

On the other hand , To be more beautiful 、 The competitors represented by Meibai raised funds frequently , The competition for market share is intensifying ; Meibai, which is also a medical beauty Internet platform, has completed tens of millions of B+ Round of funding ; More beautiful completed the project led by Meitu 5000 Thousands of dollars D Round of funding , stay C Tencent investment also appeared in the round of financing .

Besides , Ali 、 Meituan 、 The entry of Jingdong factory , Divide the cake further . As early as New oxygen Before listing , Ali has established a strategic cooperative relationship with American Medical giant aierjian , According to the data released during the "double 11" period last year , The tmall platform recorded a month on month increase in medical orders from Yimei 7 times , Become the most popular life service project . Meituan also started this year 3 It's coming out in June “ Meituan becomes Meiwei welfare society ”, Now it has been laid out in Beijing 、 Shanghai, etc 9 Cities .

At the end of last year , New oxygen Announce that it will be privatized soon . Announcement shows that , New oxygen Founder and CEO Venus's proposal , It is proposed that each American Depository Share 5.3 The US dollar acquisition has been fully issued A Class A Common Stock . Now New oxygen The share price fell to 1 dollar , Privatization may still have variables . Internal and external troubles , New oxygen The capital story of the secondary market can no longer be told .


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