Wechat applet: fun entertainment multi flow main wechat applet source code download fun production, hidden poems, hidden pictures

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This is a fun entertainment applet

The interior is made of fun , Making Tibetan poems , Hidden map making consists of three parts

Mainly based on interest , Interesting production also includes N Template

Such as the :

life goal , Friends circle like , Signature photo
Write winter vacation homework , Drinking books
Every test must be upgraded , Printer blessing
Spoof Baidu search , Stall card
Couple's nine palaces , Love tattoos
wait N The templates will not be introduced one by one
In addition, Tibetan poems also support a variety of generation methods

This applet supports multiple traffic master modes

In addition, Xiaobian also advertises ID I've sorted it out. Then we can replace it

Installation method :

Use wechat developer tools to open the source code

Then set the legal domain name ( The legal domain name is in the compressed package )

Users with traffic masters replace traffic masters , Ignore what you don't have

Then upload and submit for approval !

Applet source code download address :  Wechat applet : Fun entertainment multi flow main wechat applet source code download fun production , Hide the head poem , Hidden graph - Applet document class resources -CSDN download This is a fun entertainment applet made by fun , Making Tibetan poems , The three parts of hidden map making mainly focus on interest , More interesting download resources 、 For learning materials, please visit CSDN Download channel .https://download.csdn.net/download/m0_62049880/85623571

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