Lei Jiayin, I can't figure it out

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In the era when selfie became the magic weapon to win in the performing arts circle , The plain Lei Jiayin broke through the siege with her acting skills and humor .

2022 Beginning of the year , Lei Jiayin relies on 《 human world 》 and 《 Meet in season 》 Two TV plays , Won the third career peak in middle age . He was in 《 human world 》 Zhou Bingkun, the humble and honest little son created in the movie, made enough tears for the audience ,# Zhoubingkun, who was played by Lei Jiayin, was numb with tears # Hit the hot topic of microblog . And in the 《 Meet in season 》 in , He made a difference , He became the second brother of the Jian family, Jian Hongcheng, who endured humiliation . Two TV dramas broadcast at the same time , Lei Jiayin has created two distinct roles .

This is the first time that Lei Jiayin has embarked on her acting career 18 year . Several ups and downs , Lei Jiayin's acting skills are gradually recognized by the audience . career 10 many years , From drama actors to film and television actors , Lei Jiayin has created many characters :《 The temptation of home 》 Lin Yide, the infatuated man in 、《 The gold robbery 》 The inside is bad and ruffian “ Small northeast ”、《 Peace Hotel 》 A highly educated bandit who is both literary and obscene 、《 The first half of my life 》 Chenjunsheng, a man with flesh and blood and tender feelings, cheated 、《 White Deer Plain 》 Lu Zhaopeng, a revolutionary who forbeared and persevered 、《 Twelve hours in chang 'an 》 Zhang Xiaojing, an alternative hero with great strength in …… Many actors will be tagged once they get burned , Leijiayin seems hard to be defined by any label , What is acting like , So much so that , The real leijiayin behind the role , It is often difficult to understand .

The first fire of Lei Jiayin , Because of deduction 《 The gold robbery 》 The small northeast of China .2012 year , The famous director Ning Hao picked Lei Jiayin among the actors , Ask him to play his new movie 《 The gold robbery 》 The hero of xiaodongbei , This is a bad and ruffian character , A group of scenes of xiaodongbei dying in the water , Leijiayin asks Ning Hao to tie a rope, hang a weight and throw it into the water , Until I can't bear it, I ask people to pull me up , Last , The total length of these fourorfive sets of shots is no more than 30 second . Also this role , He won the first prize in one fell swoop 11 The best actor of the Changchun Film Festival . thereafter , Led by Lei Jiayin 《 Here comes mother-in-law 》《 baby 》《 weaning 》《 My daughter-in-law is the queen 》 Wait for several urban dramas to be broadcast continuously . Son in law of the people 、 The image of a national father is never warm , Lei Jiayin was not defeated . During this time , He devoted himself to filming , Study acting , Waiting for his next chance .

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