The Oriental film and television channel will be revised next month: the golden theater will be fully covered to improve the broadcasting effect of the series "slimming down"

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Tencent Entertainment ( writing / Hu Mengying ) recently , The Oriental film and television channel announced , As the only local characteristic high-quality channel in Shanghai that broadcasts film and television dramas all day long , This year, we will gather high-quality film and television resources , Strong linkage , Quality upgrade .3 month 1 The date of , It will make a new appearance with a completely new layout .

According to introducing , The golden theater will realize all types 、 Full coverage , Every night from Monday to Sunday 18:50―22:30 Five episodes of TV series are broadcast in a large scale . Play selection , Keep all types 、 Comprehensive 、 The orientation of family happiness remains unchanged . On the arrangement , Through a series of plays with the same theme , Clever combination , Form a viewing resonance effect . Director of film and Television Drama Center 、 Wei Hua, Secretary of the general Party branch, said , Make such broadcast adjustment , In addition to the consideration of industry competition and cooperation and the recent development plan of the channel layout , Another important reason is that the channel depends on the audience's viewing habits and needs , The embodiment of taking the audience as the center .2021 year , The channel conducted a survey of the viewing data and a discussion with the audience , The feedback is , Six episodes of TV series are broadcast in succession , Although I enjoyed it very much , But the sixth episode is due to the late time , It may affect the rest time of some spectators , And for office workers, they can't watch the replay the next day .

“ Audience's watching habits and needs , It is an important reference for us to adjust and optimize the layout . This time, I will compress a series , One can make a good play get better playing effect , Second, it can also meet the needs of the audience .”3 The beginning of the month , After repeated selection by the channel's editing team , You Yan Ni 、 The emotional drama of the age starring wangyanhui, etc 《 Dear parents 》 Take the lead in the revision . The play takes the remarried family as the carrier , This kind of warm and full of positive energy can bring moving and healing power to the audience in the good spring . There is also Luo Jin who plans to arrange the broadcast 、 A poverty relief play starring yuanshanshan 《 the country is so rich in beauty 》 And Liu Tao 、 Lin �o Starring in urban emotional entrepreneurship drama 《 Stars and sea 》 The latest series will have the opportunity to broadcast in the golden theater of the Oriental film and television channel .

Golden cinema is the latest 、 All classic blockbusters are on stage , Every night from Monday to Sunday 22:30―24:00 Broadcast a selected high-quality film . On the arrangement , By creating “ Star Project ”、“ Classic series ”, Achieve word-of-mouth marketing more quickly , Form viewing resonance .

Before the revision , The channel has noon 、 Late at night and three golden cinemas ,“ But the audience portrait shows , Movies at different times are the same audience .” Director of film and Television Drama Center 、 Wei Hua, Secretary of the general Party branch, said . In order to let the audience get a better movie viewing experience , The channel arranges the cinema time after the golden theater every night , Let the audience no longer have to memorize the broadcast time , Seeing your favorite movies doesn't affect your rest . meanwhile , The channel has been actively expanding its film source channels , Collect high-quality Chinese and foreign blockbusters for the audience , Strive to build a high-quality film viewing platform for local audiences in Shanghai .3 month ,《 Hello , Li Huanying 》《 take the crown 》《 My country and I 》《 Chinese Blue Helmets 》《 Bomb disposal experts 2》 Wait for the latest cinema blockbuster , You can also see 《 New police story 》《 Police story 2013》《 Leaf asked 》《 The wind 》《 If you are the one 2》《 Operation Mekong 》《 Assembly number 》 Wait for high quality 、 Classic films with high reputation are expected to land in golden cinema .

meanwhile , The channel has never stopped exploring the type of theater in the daytime . The main theme of the revised emotional theater “ selected ” Concept , Every Monday to Sunday 13:10―17:20 Five episodes of TV series are broadcast in succession . On the arrangement , The channel continues to gather female audiences in the form of large-scale continuous broadcasting , selected “ Nostalgia ”、“ Love in the Republic of China ”、“ Contemporary emotion ” Equal emphasis “ Emotional elements ” High quality plays , Make every effort to create a theater label , Form typed advantages .3 month , The emotional theater brings the audience by Liu Shishi 、 Starring Ni Ni 《 Golden years 》, Focus on mutual support between women 、 The healing power to lean forward in the ups and downs of the years . And Wang Kai, who plans to arrange the broadcast 、 Yang Shuo 、 A contemporary entrepreneurial drama starring dongzijian 《 Great river 2》 It will also land in the emotional theater later . The revised Legend Theater , Every Monday to Sunday 17:20―18:50 Two episodes of TV series are broadcast in succession , Film and television programs of various channels are scarce during this period , The Oriental film and television channel selects high-quality strong plot theme plays , Fill in the audience's time “ No drama to chase ” The vacancy for , Seamless connection to the golden theater , Push up the starting point of prime time viewing .

3 At the beginning of , The legendary theater will stage a performance starring Ho Ming Han 《 set a trap 》, The play tells the story of the Anti Japanese war , Shanghai Anti Japanese armed groups and Japanese aggressors , Wang puppet government , The story of the national government's desperate struggle . The revised morning theatre , Every Monday to Sunday 6:00―8:30 Three episodes of TV series are broadcast in succession , The arrangement of the theater is flexible ,3 At the beginning of this month, it will be broadcast by Yu Zhen 、 The Anti Japanese spy war drama starring wanglikun 《 Secret Service Group No. 5: stealing the sky and changing the moon 》, The play is set against the background of the scuffle between several major espionage forces during the Anti Japanese war , Tell us about five special agents with extraordinary skills , On the battlefield filled with gunpowder , Execute one by one “ An impossible task ” The story of .

About this year's plan , Oriental film and television channel concluded that , All types of golden Theater 、 Full coverage ; Golden cinema is the latest 、 All classic blockbusters are on stage .2022 In, Oriental film and television channel will continue to devote itself to developing high-quality film source channels , Keep the golden theater large 、 All types 、 Comprehensive positioning features , At the same time, it actively cultivates the film content of golden cinema 、 Excavate the value of cinema , I hope to maintain the dominant position of the first terrestrial broadcasting platform for Chinese film and television dramas .

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