The virtual human ayayi appeared in the shopping mall and attracted hundreds of online celebrities to imitate makeup

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Tencent Entertainment ( writing / Hu Mengying ) recently , Yuan universe beauty represents AYAYI Show up at Shanghai shopping mall , As the digital manager of the brand light magic makeup effect, he assisted in the roadshow activities .

2021 The year was crowned with “ The first year of the meta universe ” Known as the , The heat quickly swept the world . meanwhile , That year 5 month 20 Japan , One is between light and shadow , The same image as a real person AYAYI Born online , In one piece “ Is this a real person or AI?” The sound of discussion , With only one picture AYAYI Harvest a lot of traffic , Quickly become a celebrity .

Rely on perfect but concise human design ( Silver grey short hair fashion girl )、 Modeling highly in line with young aesthetic adaptability ,AYAYI Quickly become a virtual reality shuttling between real people KOL. She took a group photo with chenweiting from zero distance , He also attended activities with Ouyang Nana .

this ,“ Optical future space station ” Landing in Shanghai , Set off a real-time frenzy on major social platforms , AYAYI As the digital manager of light and magic makeup effect , Perform a makeup free feeling 、 Exquisite vitality base makeup with its own sense of light , It added a fire , Leading the new trend of fashion beauty craze .

There are also hundreds of celebrities on the scene cosplayAYAYI Make up , A grand parade on the space station , Cause the crowd to watch , The scene is popular .

In an interview with , Talk about AYAYI The reason for its popularity , Relevant people said :“ We have reached a new height in the difficulty of distinguishing the true from the false .” And said ,“ When everyone can easily understand what the metauniverse is , When you can enter the metauniverse in a very simple way ,AYAYI The mission of , This is our ultimate goal .”

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