"My heart soars" was praised and tears coexisted, and the competition scene was tense and exciting

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Tencent Entertainment ( writing / Hu Mengying ) Supervised by Xu Zheng , Wang Fangfang directed , Meng Meiqi 、 A movie starring Xia Yu 《 My heart is flying 》 On 2 month 25 1 .2 month 24 Japan , The film will be seen in Shanghai . After the film , Some viewers called for the coexistence of fire and tears , Praise the fierce competition scenes in the film , The tension and excitement seem to be immersive .

The film tells the story behind China's first gold medal in the Winter Olympics , Show the Olympic spirit that athletes do not admit defeat .1980 In, the Chinese delegation began to participate in the Winter Olympics , I have missed many gold medals , Failure and unwillingness stab the Chinese heart like a needle . To achieve a breakthrough of zero , Qinshan ( Xia Yu Decoration ) Set up by Yang Fan ( Meng Meiqi Decoration ) Represented by the national team of Chinese short track speed skating , When faced with danger, he was ordered to resolve to be ashamed of himself . The two men launched an attack on the gold medal , The relationship between master and apprentice is also facing fierce collision and numerous tests .

In terms of lineup , Yang Yang, the winner of China's first gold medal in the Winter Olympics, and her coach xinqingshan served as consultants for the film , Supervised by Xu Zheng , Wang Fangfang directed , Meng Meiqi 、 Xia Yu leads the lead role , Pei Kuishan 、 Sarina 、 Jiao gang 、 Starring Zhang Guoqiang , Wangzhebin 、 Liu Ruifang is the chief producer , Wang Fangfang 、 Wangzhebin is a screenwriter .

The main creative team of this film has created a film about Liu Changchun, the first Chinese to participate in the Olympic Games 《 One's Olympics 》, A film by XuHaifeng, China's first Olympic gold medalist 《 Xu Haifeng's gun 》, With this film about the first gold medal of China's Winter Olympics 《 My heart is flying 》, Together “ China Olympic trilogy ”. As “ Trilogy ” Conclusion , The film is inspired by the prototype character Yang Yang, a Chinese short track speed skater . She is China's first gold medalist in the Winter Olympics , stay 2002 At the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics in , Yang Yangyi 44 second 187 In one fell swoop, she became a short track speed skater 500 Rice champion , Achieve gold medals “ breakthrough ”.

The film is made by modern means , It fully demonstrates the charm of short track speed skating , Go straight to the inner world of the characters' hard work , It shows the passion and unyielding of Chinese sports people , Concentrated in light and shadow . Meng Meiqi and Xia Yu vividly played the roles of athletes and coaches , They both have the desire to win glory for the country and realize their dreams , There is also the pursuit of the meaning of life, not forgetting the mission , In the face of difficulties, there is both strength and resistance , And the ultimate pursuit of the Olympic spirit , Finally achieve a common goal , Embodies the “ faster 、 Higher 、 stronger 、 More united ” The Olympic spirit of .

After the film , The audience called for the coexistence of fire and tears , The fierce competition scene in the film , Whether it is the collision of competitive sports 、 The struggle of athletes 、 The anxious race , The tension and excitement seem to be immersive . And the crying scene in the film is amazing , The audience sighed :“ The crying scene of my father's death , The whole emotion goes forward layer by layer , From unbelievable 、 Choking 、 From sobbing to wailing , My tears followed big drops , There are too many emotional points here !”

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