Gutianle sent a document to mourn Chu Yuan: People's memory and respect for him will only increase over time

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In this paper, from : Beiqing. Com

2 month 21 Japan , Famous Hong Kong director 、 Actor Chu Yuan died , At the age of 87 year .

2 month 25 Japan , Louis Koo posted on social platforms , Mourn for Mr. Chuyuan . Wen Zhong :“ Uncle Chu Yuan has gone , But I believe everyone will miss and respect him , It will only increase over time .”

Netizens commented one after another :“ Old Mr. Chu Yuan's speech when he won the lifetime achievement award was full of pearls , To make the best of life , memorable .”“ It will be , Thank the good actors for bringing us the classic works , Always remember !”“ Rest of the dead , Good spirit will always be inherited in , The classics will remain forever .”

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