Kunling took a recent photo after she was pregnant with her third child. Her pregnant belly was obviously thin, and her fingers were too big for the camera

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2 month 25 Japan , Jay Chou's wife Kunling took a recent photo after she was pregnant with three children , Shared the fashionable clothes with netizens .

Kunling's pregnant belly is already very obvious , Even if you wear a long windbreaker, you can still see that your pregnant belly is very large . But she's in good shape , White and tender skin , The limbs are still slender , If you don't look at your belly, you are still a very fashionable girl .

Kunlun is dressed up in fashion , I also carry a white brand bag on my back , But the most eye-catching is the pigeon egg size diamond ring in her hand . This wedding ring was a keepsake that Jay Chou gave her when she got married , Whether it is style or value, it is the envy of thousands of girls .

Jay Chou is the king of music , Nature can provide the wife with superior living conditions , After seven years of marriage, Kunling became a princess . But Kunling didn't become a housewife after she got married , I have been striving for my own career . Just after the official announcement of the third child , She showed up for business , Wearing a navy blue suit is elegant and elegant , Delicate and charming facial features .

A few days ago, on Valentine's Day , Kunling also showed a photo of boxing with a pregnant belly . When she was pregnant, she would also insist on physical exercise , Jay Chou was willing to be her sparring partner . The plain looking Kunling shows her long legs in tight pants , Her thighs are not as thick as her husband's arms , They are super loving and interact with each other .

The life of Kunling and Jay Chou is really wonderful , It is just like a fairy tale . I wish her a smooth birth of three children , I hope their family can live happily together , I also hope that Kunling can make more good achievements in her own career .

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