Wuminxia's moon bathing meal is light and bright, which makes people's appetite open

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2 month 25 Japan , Wuminxia posted her collection of monthly meals on the social platform .

Chicken soup 、 Shrimp noodle 、 Eggplant pot , It looks so tempting . and , These dishes were cooked by wuminxia's husband himself .

Netizens commented one after another :“ This is too rich ! Xia Jie , You tell the truth , Is it true that brother Cheng ate it all in the end ?”“ This confinement is too happy , A lot of delicious food , It looks like drooling ~”

2 month 7 Japan , Wuminxia took a picture of her family holding hands , writes :“ Should arrive at 4 people , Actually realized 4 people , Everything is very ‘ good ’”, Good news for Guan Xuansheng's second child .

It is reported that , Wuminxia and her husband zhangxiaocheng were in 2017 Get married in ,2018 Daughter Sisi was born in ,2021 year 8 month 6 The Japanese government announced the good news of their second child .

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