Suyiming responded to the encouragement of the creator of "outwit Weihu mountain": he will work hard to train and compete seriously. He also wants to see the water gate bridge of Changjin lake

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“ Director Tsui Hark , Uncle Yu Dong , Director Huang Jianxin , I am your little embolus , I have received your encouragement ……”

today , Suyiming responded 《 Take advantage of Weihushan 》 The main creator encouraged the video exposure before the competition , Many netizens forwarded it 、 give the thumbs-up .

In the video , Suyiming responded to director Tsui Hark and Yu Dong before the competition 、 Director Huang Jianxin's encouragement .

He said, , I miss being in 《 Take advantage of Weihushan 》 The days when the crew was filming , I always remember how the three creators took care of themselves .

I will train hard in the future 、 Serious competition 、 Live your life 、 study hard , Live up to your expectations .

End of video ,“ Small embolus ” He also expressed his desire to see 《 Shuimen bridge of Changjin Lake 》 The desire of the .

Regarding this , The movie 《 Changjin Lake 》 Official Weibo said :“ Scheduled ! Welcome to the movie 《 Shuimen bridge of Changjin Lake 》!”

Today's outstanding athlete suyiming , In fact, when I was a child, I acted in many movies and TV plays .

2003 year , only 9 Suyiming, aged, was arrested for a skiing video on the Internet 《 Take advantage of Weihushan 》 The camera crew took a fancy to , He also became the actor of small embolus in the film .

Before Su Yiming competes in this year's Winter Olympics , The movie 《 Take advantage of Weihushan 》 Director Tsui Hark 、 Producer Huang Jianxin 、 Producer Yu Dong once sent his blessing to Olympic athlete suyiming via video , I wish him good results in the competition , Win glory for our country .

Detail stamp : Su Yiming picks silver for the Winter Olympics , It turned out that he was from that year “ Small embolus ”!

stay 《 Take advantage of Weihushan 》 in ,“ Small embolus ” It was said that :“ I'm afraid you can't catch up !” Now ,“ Small embolus ” Your heroic words have come true .

Looking forward to Su Yiming's future performance on the court !

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