Our hot life: the special police station chases Zhang Zhilin in the jungle. He burrows into the cave and hides wisely

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Zhang Qi

Today, (2 month 25 Japan ) At noon, 12 spot , Mango. TV Inspirational career challenge reality show 《 Our hot life 》 Issue 11 ( On ) Soon to go online . Jordan Chan 、 zhang 、 Zhao Wenzhuo 、 Zhang Jin 、 Zhang Qi 、 Zhang Yunlong 、 Wang Heyong 、 Eight guests from gaohanyu will go to the training base of special patrol detachment of Changsha Public Security Bureau to start the professional experience of special police . Jungle chase , Chenxiaochun's self exposed hiding made people laugh , Zhangzhilin burrowed into the cave and hid wisely ; Officially enter the training base , The guests' Declaration of joining the team is full of highlights , Zhaowenzhuo is full of righteousness , Zhang Qi shows the new skills of Changsha dialect ; Obstacle training starts , Chenxiaochun challenges the Irish high board to dream of returning to the fireman station , Can the eight guests of the hurdle relay challenge successfully ?

The jungle chases chenxiaochun “ Self exposed ” hide oneself , Zhang Zhilin ranks first

The first hurdle for the eight guests is the actual combat drill of jungle pursuit , It is necessary to avoid being caught by the special police within one hour . In the process of hiding , Chenxiaochun chooses the task box at the starting point as the bunker , I didn't expect to stick my head out “ Self disclosure ”, First out ; Zhangyunlong chose to hide behind the camera disguised as a staff member , But it didn't escape the carpet search in the end ; Zhangzhilin then drilled into the underground cave , Become the last guest to be found .

Zhang Qi get New skills in Changsha dialect , Zhaowenzhuo's declaration of joining the team was “ Be upright ”

Officially arrive at the training base to meet with the instructor , The guests shouted out their declaration of joining the team . Zhaowenzhuo shouted seriously “ Be upright , Be a policeman with courage ”, Make the instructor nod his head frequently to express his appreciation ; Chenxiaochun calls directly “ Persistence is strength ”, Sonorous and moving ; Zhang Qi suddenly shouted out in Changsha dialect “ I'm glad to come to Changsha special police force ” Make the whole audience laugh .

Chenxiaochun challenges the Irish high board to dream of returning to the fireman , The eight to one obstacle relay race has been a frequent occurrence

Obstacle training , face 10 Meter low pile net , Zhangyunlong and gaohanyu start a race , Zhaowenzhuo took the initiative to challenge the assistant instructor ; Facing the Irish high board , zhang 、 Zhang Qi “ Invalid crossing ” Laugh the whole audience , Chen Xiaochun, who was also difficult to complete the task, was helped by the instructors , Dream back to the fireman's training on the horizontal bar . The eight guests also held an eight to one obstacle relay race with the teaching assistant Liu Party committee , Facing Chen Xiaochun's bad start 、 Zhaowenzhuo almost stepped on the air , Can other members speed up the chase to win ?

Hunting in the jungle , What unexpected hiding methods did the guests use ? Who will win the eight on one hurdle relay race ? Please look forward to this noon 12:00 Mango. TV The whole network broadcast alone 《 Our hot life 》!

Zhang Yunlong


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