Tesla Tesla models have oversized Message Entertainment car system , In addition to displaying the basic information of navigation and car , stay 2021 New after year-end update Support TikTok app、 Sonic boy and Sudoku .

However, simple games can not meet the needs of car fans and game fans , Well known game websites IGN The reporter Ryan McCaffrey Ask Tesla CEO Elon Musk Musk said 《Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpunk 2077》 This kind of 3A Whether Dazuo will board the Tesla vehicle platform in the future , Musk again Fierce medicine revealed He hopes to bring Steam The game platform moves directly to Tesla Tesla up .

Ryan McCaffrey stay Twitter Twitter asked musk about the new Model S and Model X( Parameters | picture ) When will there be 《Cyberpunk Cyberpunk 》 game , Musk responded, although he did not specify the time , But he said Tesla plans to put the whole Steam Transplant the game platform to Tesla , This is more in line with long-term benefits .

Although musk didn't reply Game player What, what Can be in Tesla Model S( Parameters | picture )/X play 3A masterpiece , but Tesla The car entertainment system is based on Linux Operating system design , So I want to Steam Platforms and games Tesla Tesla car entertainment system is feasible , And Tesla's goal is to make Steam The game can be executed in Tesla , There is no need for developers to modify or adjust .