[memories at sea] Shanghai cinema and the first official cinema in Shanghai in 1908

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A business

1903 year , Two Spanish businessmen living in Shanghai completed a transfer business , The content is about playing movies .

19 century 90 Gallenbeck, a Spanish businessman who came to Shanghai in the late s , With the help of the projector and old short films , At the Fourth Avenue ( Fuzhou road today ) Shengping teahouse 、 Zhapu road ice rink and Hubei Road Jingu Xiangfan restaurant showed the film . But to seize business opportunities first is not equal to success . Because the film on display is too old , Poor business , He finally decided to give up , Transfer all projectors and films .

Remas, the Spanish businessman who took over, was obviously more business minded , We also know more about Shanghai People's psychology of seeking novelty and difference .

Remus has rented many new films . At first, he still showed movies in the Zhapu road ice rink , And then moved to Da Ma Lu tong'anju teahouse , Later, he moved to Qinglian Pavilion, a teahouse on the fourth road .《 Shanghai Film chronicle 》 Show , Remus is better at marketing than his compatriots . He rented a room in Qinglian Pavilion , Hire several Indian expatriates dressed in red and green to blow at the door , Attract pedestrians into the house to watch the movie .

So-called “ Cinema ”, Just a few benches in the house , A piece of white cloth , Every time I watch one , collect “ Cinema ticket ” A number of , Considerable income . Leishi's qingliange film screening site has thus become the first fixed film screening site in Shanghai .

A full 90 Years later, 1993 year . In Shanghai, , The first International Film Festival in Chinese film history —— The first Shanghai International Film Festival kicked off . thereafter , Located on Xinhua Road 160 Shanghai cinema on the th , As the main venue , It has received nearly one million Chinese and foreign guests , Held the golden Jue award 、 Yaxin Award 、 Documentary Award 、 Cartoon Award 、 Nearly 1000 media awards and other meetings and press conferences .

Together this week , As a landmark of Shanghai film, Shanghai cinema , Farewell to the fans , Start the update upgrade .

Many firsts

20 At the beginning of the century , Qinglian Pavilion is located in the four roads with a mixture of good and evil people , Tea room can not only drink tea , Both transactions 、 Juggling 、 Look at the picture 、 Storytelling, etc , Suddenly, a Western movie was shown , Attracted the curiosity of Shanghai people . A few years later , Because the business is too prosperous , The screening of Qinglian pavilion was forced to stop .

Remus, who has made his first pot of gold , On 1908 In, I rented a car located at Zhapu road 112 Number 、 The ice rink at the intersection of Zhapu road and Haining Road , Built a simple iron house , It is named Hongkou active cinema ,1908 year 12 month 22 The opening day , Premiere movie . This can hold 250 A three seat tin room , It became the first formal cinema in Shanghai .

The first batch of cinemas in Shanghai were concentrated around Hongkou . This may be related to Hongkou Huayang complex at that time 、 The environment where the five parties converge .《 Annals of Hongkou District 》 Show :“19 century 60—80 years , Tongwen bookstore 、 The Tongwen society has successively established in Hongkou , Photocopying ancient Chinese books , Introduce western culture , published 《 The universal communique 》.1882 year , American chelini circus performs in waihongkou square , The audience was in a crowd , After a month, it will not fade .” Such a cultural atmosphere , Let still belong to “ Western Mirror ” New things —— The film shows here without any disadvantages .

The changing map of Hongkou film culture ( chart : Shanghai Hongkou official account )

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