From the 3.1 billion "God of medicine" to the 1.2 billion "miracle", we can't live without him!

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In this paper, from :1905 Movie network

1905 Film network monograph “ As long as we work hard , Nothing is impossible .” Directed by wenmuye 、 It's a movie starring yisuqian Xi 《 Miracle · Stupid kid 》( hereinafter referred to as 《 Miracle 》) Since the Spring Festival , The box office has surpassed 12 Billion .

The film through a group of ordinary people laugh with tears of counter attack miracle , Deliver a positive and warm theme , Let countless audiences sympathize , It is also highly praised for its sincere production quality .

《 Miracle 》 Most of the staff behind the scenes are 《 I'm not a druggist 》 The original team of . Photography director wangboxue has cooperated continuously with Wen Muye 《 City in love 》《 I'm not a druggist 》《 My country and I 》《 Miracle 》 And other four works .

Revealed by wangboxue , This time, 95% It's all live shooting ,“ The charm of live shooting , Much higher than the studio .” This dedication to realism and the spirit of excellence are also the persistence of the team .

How to use “ Secret weapon ” Let the audience believe that Yiyang Qianxi can really repair mobile phones ? How to shoot the difficult typhoon days and car chasing scenes ? In this issue 《 Behind the scenes 》, Let's follow Wang boxue , Exclusive disclosure 《 Miracle 》 The shooting story .

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