"The city of light" ends today Jingtian, Xu Weizhou, and the younger brother and sister of the Republic of China are married

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By Ciwen media 、 Jointly produced by Yineng media , Wuruoyan 、 Wang Xiaobo is the chief producer , Jin Chen 、 Directed by manna , Jingtian 、 Xu Wei chau 、 Jingchao 、 Xingjiadong leads the role , Hailing 、 Chi Jia 、 Wang Yifei 、 Mimi 、 A modern legendary play starring mawenyuan 《 The city of light 》 Today is the official conclusion . The play is adapted from the novel of the same name by Mi Bao , About the 1930s , Fengshizhen, a female gentleman, approached the leading plutocrats in Shanghai for revenge , But accidentally fell in love with Rong Jiashang, the son of his enemy , From this, we can uncover a secret past that has been dusty for many years . Tonight? , The play will end with full members , How exactly does the grand finale trigger expectations .

Ups and downs of life The actor unleashed his powerful acting skills

As the plot continues to advance , A grudge between two generations in the period of the Republic of China also unfolded , Many forces are mixed , The main characters plot strategies , Starting from fengshizhen's quest for the mystery of his life experience , Layer upon layer of fog was removed one after another , The truth surprised the audience . The play is not the romantic scene seen in the early stage , Filled with beautiful fame and fortune , It is the dark tide of conspiracy , This is not so much a love story about fengshizhen and Rong Jiashang , It is better to call it a state of all living beings in the Republic of China with the rise and fall of large families as the core .

The play , The acting skills of the actors and the good plot complement each other , The character and destiny of each character , Both are vividly displayed in personal interpretation and deduction . The entanglement between the hero and the heroine 、 Emotional progression makes people excited , The countless connections between supporting roles , As well as the change of mental journey, it also makes people feel the same , A good work must be the result of the joint efforts of all people , It is they who spread out the unique Shanghai beach past , Present in front of the audience , Will trigger the most direct heart resonance .

The quality team is ingenious A good play of conscience is worth seeing

《 The city of light 》 Made with precision 、 Strong plot 、 The fast pace is praised by the audience , Its reduction degree has been unanimously recognized by the original author and the book powder , So it's not hard to see , The respect of the entire production team for the script and the intention of the work can be seen . In the current market , The play abandoned the assembly line production mode , Settle down and make a play , Strive to keep improving every garment , Every scene is beautiful , Every shot is perfect , On the basis of maintaining the degree of restoration of the original background , Integrate new elements that conform to the aesthetics of the modern public , Committed to creating a high-quality play , In the meantime, sincerity is invaluable .

Tonight? 《 The city of light 》 The membership is coming to an end , The end of the story is coming , What is the fate of everyone , The finale should not be missed , Please look forward .

editor : Ren Xinyi (EN063)

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