Tiktok executive: unlike Facebook, we are an entertainment platform

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stay 2019 To join in TikTok Before ,Chandlee I was in Facebook work 12 year , He said that if his former employer tried to copy TikTok It is likely to encounter problems and eventually bring a poor experience to users and brands .

Facebook stay 2020 Introduced in the Instagram Reels As its first real attempt to the short video market . last year , It brings this service to its core Facebook On the application .

Chandlee Express ,TikTok It is an entertainment platform , It goes with Facebook The difference between them is very big .

Facebook Application owner Tom Alison Tell this week The Verge, He saw TikTok Increasingly grabbing share from the world's largest social network .Facebook Plan to modify its main content to make it look more like TikTok Recommend more content like that , Whether it is shared by friends or not .

Facebook Recent performance proves this .Meta Our share price has fallen this year 52%-- Below the performance of the NASDAQ , The latter fell 32%.4 month , The company said its revenue in the second quarter was down from the same period last year , And for the first time ever .

Earlier this year , Zuckerberg admits to coming from TikTok Increased competitive pressure , said :“ That's why we're interested in Reels Your attention is so important in the long run .”

TikTok It is owned by ByteDance company in China , The company is privately controlled .

Chandlee Express , History is not on Zuckerberg's side , In addition, he also related his current problems to Google In an attempt to Facebook Compared with the challenges faced in the confrontation .

“ You remember Google establish Google+ When ,”Chandlee Say ,“ We had a war room . This is a big problem . Everyone is worried about it .” That is ,Chandlee stay Facebook.

But no matter Google How much money to invest in social networks , It can't follow Facebook competition , The latter has become a way for people to connect with their friends 、 The default place to share photos and updates .

“ Obviously ,Google The value of search is , and Facebook Very good at socializing . I see the same thing now . We are really good at what we do . We bring these cultural trends and people in TikTok This unique experience on . Unless Facebook Give up its social value completely , Otherwise they're Facebook There would be no such experience on the Internet , I don't think it will ,”Chandlee Say .

Besides ,Chandlee Also added that , He has great respect for Zuckerberg and will Facebook and Google As a strong competitor . However, he pointed out that ,TikTok There are a series of competitors in the world , Including enterprises in e-commerce and live broadcasting .

Chandlee call , Even though Snap And other companies report that advertising revenue is threatened by inflation and recession , But he didn't see TikTok Advertising spending on the Internet has slowed down . since this year on ,Snap Almost lost their shares 3/4 The value of .

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