Zhiyang Entertainment: what should we do to operate microblog traffic?

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Zhiyang Entertainment : How to operate microblog traffic ? I believe many people have doubts , Today, Shenzhen Zhiyang culture media Co., Ltd. will answer with you !

Zhiyang Entertainment : How to operate microblog traffic is as follows :

 Zhiyang Entertainment : How to operate microblog traffic ?

Here are some common ways , Microblog traffic can cover : Popular microblog 、 Microblog hot search 、 Fantong 、 City list + Address blog 、 sweepstakes 、 Microblog search , Thermal assessment control rating .

1、 Popular microblog

Weibo recommends blog posts to interested users , Get a lot of exposure , This flow is relatively maximum , A recommendation method familiar to most users ;

2、 Microblog hot search

xxx、 Hot search , You are familiar with it , Is a list of hot events ;

3、 Fantong

It is an official payment cpa、cpm information flow , Similar to Weibo recommendation , The difference is that it can be directly applied to the hard and wide industries ;

4、 City list + Address blog

The new list of Weibo , For regional events , How to publish an address blog ? When we posted the microblog , Click on 3 A little bit , Then choose a place , You can publish regional blog posts , Users in the same region can first see ;

5、 sweepstakes

Where will the raffle be released ? Home page of microblog - Management Center - Marketing - Lottery center , The suction effect of lottery blog articles and user feedback data are very considerable ;

6、 Microblog search

Microblog search content includes : The top three comprehensive popular microblogs 、 Hot articles 、 Hot Videos , Real time hot discussion ;

7、 Thermal assessment control assessment

The top comments in the comments area guide .

The above is the Zhiyang entertainment introduced to you by the editor of Shenzhen Zhiyang culture media Co., Ltd : How to operate microblog traffic , I hope you can help after reading !

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