The sandbox has reached a cooperation with Lions Gate film to create a movie themed Entertainment Park in the metauniverse

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from Action City Start , Bring an experience based on multiple film series , It will include 《 Baron of hell 》 And more .

We are proud to announce our new partnership with global content leader Lion Gate film and its partner Millennium media , Jointly develop “Action City ”, This is an exclusive destination for exciting entertainment LAND, It includes voxel characters and objects inspired by fans' favorite Lions Gate Films and Millennium media's action films .

As a true digital age company , Lion Gate film is the first company to enter The Sandbox Major film and television studios , In the future, we plan to establish a deep experience of the studio's rich horror catalog LAND.

Lion Gate movie industry Land A movie themed experience will be held , Players can interact with it , Create a new way for fans to participate .Action City Will launch including 《 rambo 》、《 Fatal poison 》 and 《 Baron of hell 》 Film franchise including .

《 Baron of hell 》 Experience the latest Trailer :

Lions Gate film and Millennium media are “Action City” Everything in will follow The Sandbox Team blueprint , That is to authorize players to create their own experiences by using original and well-known characters and the world . Voxel items will not only be visual props —— They will provide utility for players , As equipment in the user meta universe 3D representative —— avatar , Or for the original experience created by the player .

Executive vice president and global site of Lions Gate 、 Director of interactive and positioning entertainment Jenefer Brown say :“ We can't wait to The Sandbox Open our Lion Gate paradise in the meta universe , In this way, fans around the world can create in a way that transcends the physical world 、 Play and explore our movies IP. We are right with The Sandbox Our strategic relationship will excite our community with new possibilities .”

The Sandbox COO Co founder Sebastien Borget say :“ We are right. The Sandbox Our vision has always been to bring thousands of colorful worlds into life , Players can create their own original adventures there , And from their favorite movies 、 TV program 、 Authorized content of animation, etc . Lion Gate pictures owns 129 An Oscar Ⓡ Nominations and a rich catalog of popular action and horror movies , With unparalleled global entertainment influence , Such a partnership , Will greatly enrich our open meta universe .”

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