Li Yifeng and Zhang Jingyi's "playground" revealed that Reuters wore military coats and held umbrellas together

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1905 Movie news 2 month 23 Japan , Li Yifeng 、 A film starring Zhang Jingyi 《 playground 》 Expose a group of Reuters . In the photo , Li Yifeng is wearing a black jacket , Holding an umbrella, I followed Zhang Jingyi, who was wearing a plain sportswear , The two of them put up a notice on the roadside in the rain .

It is reported that , Li Yifeng will play the role of criminal policeman in solving cases , Zhang Jingyi plays the victim's daughter , What kind of opposite play the two will play is expected .

The movie 《 playground 》 According to the true story “ Hunan playground burial case ” Adaptation , The theme of the film is to sweep away the black and evil , About a “ Buried 16 The shocking murder in ”. The film is directed by a Nian , Cong kuizhu 、 Lu Zifang acted as a screenwriter , It is revealed that the starring lineup also includes Han Tongsheng 、 Zhangzixian et al .

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