Yidianzhui drama selfishness is repugnant, and crying drama makes people sympathetic. In the world, Zhou Rong has "magic"

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stay 《 human world 》 The first 39 Set 、40 focus , Zhouzhigang suddenly fainted , Zhou Rong, who was filming in other places, came back , When they met, they said that their younger brother zhoubingkun had not taken good care of his father ,“ Dad, I have something to do with you ”, This is an indiscriminate complaint , Draw the barrage roast ,“ Zhou Rong is too selfish .”

The play , Zhou Rong is one of the faces of the Zhou family , She is an intellectually elegant University associate professor , Character is an independent woman who insists on spiritual purity . Such a person “ intellectual ”, Looks like a sophisticated egoist in the play . She ran away for so-called love , Later, my mother became a vegetable . She left her daughter to her brother , The parents' and brothers' homes were disturbed . She turned her once beloved husband fenghuacheng , Forced to lose their dignity and eventually divorced , In order to make up for the lack of family affection , Do not hesitate to uncover the scars of Zheng Juan, his sister-in-law , Also help her daughter chase Zhou Nan …… Zhou Rong's various behaviors made many audiences feel “ angry ”.

from 《 human world 》 Broadcast so far , Song Jia plays Zhourong, the second daughter of the Zhou family, who has become the most “ hateful ” Role . stay 2 month 18 Friday night , Song Jia, an actor, shows her chatting records with her mother , She said that her mother was roast about herself while watching the play ,“ Zhou Rong is not sensible and selfish , It's really annoying ! Abandon the play .” Song Jia also roast :“ Acting Zhou Rong was scolded by his mother .”

Actually , For the role of Zhou Rong , The original author liangxiaosheng once expressed his regret . In the original work , Zhou Rong accounts for a large proportion of words , The descriptions in some chapters also show that Zhou Rong is a sensible and loving girl , Zhou Rong's running away for love 、 Take back the sea cucumbers sent to the leaders, etc , It is the embodiment of the character's lofty and proud character , It is the innocence of ignorant girls . However, due to the limitation of plot duration , The character Zhou Rong did not unfold completely , What the audience sees now is Zhou Rong , In fact, it is an incomplete image .

Although the character Zhou Rong is attractive “ hate ”, However, Song Jia's acting skills are still admired by many audiences .《 human world 》 The first 37 The night the episode was broadcast ,“ Song Jia cries and plays with empathy ” This topic is on the hot search . In the episode, fenghuacheng prepares a table of good dishes , He said he would divorce Zhou Rong , Facing the sudden request for divorce , Zhou Rong was hard spoken first ,“ The original 19 I'm looking for you , It was a mistake I made when I was young , I never loved you .” When fenghuacheng slams the door in anger and leaves , Zhou Rong was eating and crying alone , Snot and tears are dripping on the plate . From pretending to be strong to emotional breakdown , Song Jia's progressive emotions infected the audience in front of the screen , Song Jia, who is not in the play, is crying hard , On site gags , The director has shouted “ card ”, Song Jia is still immersed in sadness and can't get out .

Actor Songjia selfish Zhou Rong 、 Capricious 、 hypocrisy 、 impulse 、 The false and lofty nature is revealed , Also put her embarrassing flattering maternal love , As well as in the face of the ups and downs of life, the grief has been interpreted delicately and vividly , This female character is different from the Zhou family in the play “ color ”, It is also full of reality in real life .

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