TVB host Chen BEI'ER visited Guangzhou intangible cultural heritage, and the new documentary "the road of inheritance" was buried in app and broadcast independently on the whole network

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In order to let more people feel the charm of Guangzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage 、 Understand the inheritance and innovation of intangible cultural heritage projects , Produced by Guangzhou burying technology Co., Ltd 、 Guidance of Guangzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center 、 A new documentary hosted by Chen BEI'ER 《 The road of inheritance 》 Today, I am burying piles APP Exclusive launch of the whole network .

At the beginning of the year , Chen BEI'ER scored with Douban 9.5 A documentary on poverty alleviation 《 Infinite Road 》 To obtain the TVB《 Thousands of Stars Award Ceremony 2021》 The best hostess Award for , In the mainland, it is also popular to go out of circles , Praise and praise are pouring in . Chen BEI'ER is not suspended 、 Not arrogant , There is no estrangement or bias at all , She really measured every inch of land in the poverty-stricken areas with her feet , It tells a wonderful story “ China's poverty alleviation story ”, It vividly interprets the spirit of media .

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