Zhiyang Entertainment: what does the microblog marketing promotion planning plan include?

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Zhiyang Entertainment : What does the microblog marketing promotion planning plan include ? I believe many people have doubts , Today, Shenzhen Zhiyang culture media Co., Ltd. will answer with you !

Before the official start of microblog marketing promotion , We should have an in-depth brand analysis of our own brands .

Brand analysis consists of two broad categories : First, brand tonality analysis ; Second, brand audience analysis .

Brand tonality analysis includes brand core values 、 Brand value appeal 、 Brand logo 、 The brand story and the advertising language of the brand owner , Brand audience analysis includes the age of the audience 、 Interest in 、 Consumption habits 、 Habit of touching the net, etc .

After analyzing the brand, we should have a detailed mind map , Covering the market 、 industry 、 Competing goods analysis 、 New media planning 、 New media interactive activities and content marketing outline 、 location 、 Auxiliary promotion strategies, etc .

Zhiyang Entertainment : What does the microblog marketing promotion planning plan include? The following :

 Zhiyang Entertainment : What does the microblog marketing promotion planning plan include ?

One 、 After the above contents are sorted out, we can start to carry out microblog marketing promotion , Microblog marketing promotion can be divided into three categories

1、 Use your official account to promote ;

2、 Use big V And ordinary account numbers ;

3、 Official promotion .

Two 、 As far as your official account is concerned

1、 decorate , Need to be creative 、 Decorate the top with high-quality pictures , And the presentation of the background picture , There are also clear nicknames and avatars ;

2、 Senior content writer of the blog 、 Original communication topics 、 Communicate regularly with @ A fan of 、 Comment fans 、 Private letter fan interaction , Question answering ;

3、 According to the needs of customers , Set follow reply , Auto reply, etc ;

4、 festival 、 Solar terms 、 hotspot 、 Poster design for activities, etc , According to the hot spot 、 Activities 、 festival 、 Solar terms design new media posters , There's a plan , Creative ;

5、 Unlimited form , Conduct diversified high-quality blog posts and blog data maintenance .

3、 ... and 、 In terms of the generalization of matrix form

1、 We can go through related industries 、 Celebrities in the information 、 Millions of fans were sent straight to the red man 、 forward , Improve brand awareness ;

2、 Large scale exposure through the trumpet , The rapid spread has aroused great concern .

Official promotion just as the name suggests , Choose your own high-quality blog to promote .

In addition, we can also gain insight into hot topics and produce topic content , Create topic heat , Use the high activity of users to increase the popularity , Motivate users to be highly active 、 Continuously generate high-quality content to increase popularity , Continue to detonate harvest core users , Keep raising the topic heat , Precipitate core users to achieve communication effect , The most important thing is to monitor the trend of public opinion .

Emotional resonance is aroused by the popular content 、 In addition, continuous interaction creates a good reputation 、 Finally, civic traffic is transformed into loyal users .

The above is the Zhiyang entertainment introduced to you by the editor of Shenzhen Zhiyang culture media Co., Ltd : What does the microblog marketing promotion planning plan include , I hope you can help after reading !

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