Gu Ailing's sexy blockbuster has been exposed. She wears a deep V sling to show her sexy curve. She is well matched by the black people

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In this paper, from : Cat eye entertainment

2 month 23 Japan , Gu Ailing's large advertising endorsements for an international jewelry brand were exposed on the Internet , The new Olympic champion has become a fashion darling , The aura was highly praised by netizens .

In order to better show the jewelry necklace on the neck , Gu ailing wore sexy clothes that day V Suspender dress , Show your body with confidence . From an athlete's background, she has firm and powerful muscles , It's not the kind of paper people that entertainment stars often see , It has a unique health beauty full of vitality . The curve is slim and sexy , Plus her magnanimous attitude , It doesn't seem vulgar at all , It only makes people feel beautiful .

Her partner was a black model , Gu Ailing was hugged by the other side and walked down the street , A suit , A strong sexy , The same frame is a perfect match , The picture is quite pleasing to the eye .

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