Longmeizi's new song "faint fragrance disappearing in the wind" the faint fragrance is easy to disperse, but it is forever engraved in the heart

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Longmeizi new song 《 The faint fragrance disappeared in the wind 》 Online recently , The whole song is lyrical and gentle , afford much food for thought , Through the affectionate interpretation of longmeizi , Slowly singing the thoughts of the departed lover 、 The persistent pursuit of love .

word / The composer is a pianist 、 Composer weidongming , Currently, he is the vice chairman of the China Mass Music Association . Weidongming was born in a musical family , I have been studying piano since I was five years old , In his decades of music career , He has created and published more than a thousand popular music works .

This head 《 The faint fragrance disappeared in the wind 》 The inspiration for his creation comes from a real period around him “ Sad and beautiful love story ”. The girl in the story has a better future for the boy , Willing to give up this relationship , Bless the boy silently in the vast crowd . It is this selfless dedication in love that shakes me , Weidongming then wrote this sad and moving song , Write the melody of love with deep feeling , Light up the light that never fades with songs . The lyrics are filled with countless ties between lovers , Combined with the gentle singing of longmeizi , Every melody is beating the heart of the audience , Extremely exciting .

After the song goes online , Gain praise and support from many listeners , Melodious melody accompanies longmeizi's affectionate singing , Tell the light sadness , Can not help but let people into the song , Experience that delicate feeling , Immersed in the whirlpool of love .

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