Talk show actor Yang Mengen announced his marriage and got his license on February 22, 2022

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In this paper, from : Qingdao news network

Netease Entertainment 2 month 23 Reported Wednesday 2 month 22 Japan , Talk show actor Yang Mengen and his fiancee liupeiyu posted their licenses and five-year anniversary videos on Weibo , Announce the wedding :“ From the day you braved the heavy snow to pick me up , Five years have passed . Today is the first 1826 God , Thank you for our company over the past five years . This video , In memory of our past five years , And bless us , Happy wedding !” Yang meng'en even published his Mongolian marriage certificate , Full of joy is almost overflowing the screen .

It is reported that ,2021 year 10 month 6 Japan , Yang Mengen is 《 Talk show 》 I thanked my girlfriend liupeiyu and proposed to her through the air , Then he showed a video of his successful proposal .

After seeing it, netizens also sent their own blessings :“ Happy wedding , Always happy !”

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