Empowering the Winter Olympics, made in China Episode 1 - Beidou helps close loop management

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In this paper, from : Beijing sports radio

《 Empowering the Winter Olympics , Made in China 》 series , Today we broadcast the first episode produced by our reporter Qi liangbo — Beidou assists in closed-loop management .

The curtain of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games has come to an end , This winter Olympics , As small as a medal 、 clothing , To venue construction 、 Service guarantee , New technologies made in China 、 New products shine brightly both inside and outside the stadium .

In the national ski jumping center of Zhangjiakou competition area, xueruyi , In order to ensure the safety of closed-loop management of the Winter Olympic Games , The venue uses a set of domestic self-developed Beidou micro base station indoor and outdoor hybrid positioning Winter Olympics application system . Allowing “ Snow Ruyi ” Realize indoor navigation of venues 、 Stereo navigation , Make the Winter Olympic venues more intelligent . CETC Network Communication Research Institute , Chen Chong, State Key Laboratory of navigation, said :“ The page of the venue group can monitor a location information of personnel and vehicles , And track playback ; Close connection analysis can recall the close connection results of some people over a period of time ; After entering the platform , You can see the overall distribution of a personnel position on each floor of the whole venue on the three-dimensional map ; Patrol management can realize some broadcasting and safety patrol of epidemic situation .”

The Beidou micro base station indoor and outdoor hybrid positioning Winter Olympics application system is the first time in the world to achieve large-scale indoor and outdoor sub meter level continuous positioning in large stadiums , It is China's Beidou that takes the lead in providing indoor positioning , It reflects the international leading scientific and technological level of navigation positioning and location service . CETC Network Communication Research Institute , Jiahaonan, State Key Laboratory of navigation, said :“ In the epidemic prevention and control work of the Winter Olympic venues, once it is necessary to transfer the personnel in the venues , Beidou micro base station hybrid positioning system , You can use special software , According to the location service, the personnel location information stored on the platform , Quickly conduct flow control for all related personnel in a certain area and time .”

Transfer all personnel in the venue 、 vehicle 、 Information management of equipment location information , It can greatly improve the management efficiency of Winter Olympic venues . Under the situation of prevention and control of the COVID-19 , The Winter Olympic venues have more refined location data for each person in the pavilion 、 High requirements for real-time . CETC Network Communication Research Institute , Chengjianqiang, the State Key Laboratory of navigation, said :“ It is received by multiple sensors , Provide an algorithm for multivariate fusion , To achieve a continuous indoor positioning .”

Gaoxuejie is a member of the operation team of Zhangjiakou ancient poplar venue group , Mainly responsible for health monitoring of closed-loop personnel 、 Report of nucleic acid test results and other public health related work , After using this system , She said :“ This system will make us faster 、 Find the people we want more efficiently , We can also learn some of their motion tracks , It will be of great help in finding close contact .”

Actually , Positioning of indoor complex space 、 Navigation has always been an international problem in the field of satellite navigation and location services . Now with the help of the international stage of the Winter Olympics , Chinese technology has made a brilliant debut in the world . And these new technologies that help the Winter Olympics , And will continue to serve the public in the future .

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