"If one day I will leave you" exposes a special series on women. Qi Xi, Qiu Tian, Zhang Aijia is flexible and solves life's difficulties

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China Entertainment Network News www.yule.com.cn Directed and written by young director Li Gen , Wang Hongwei 、 Supervised by Zhuang Lizhen , Qixi 、 Xie Chengze 、 Niuchao 、 Qiu Tian 、 Song Ningfeng 、 Chen Yongzhong starred , Zhang Aijia's special feature film 《 If one day I will leave you 》 Released today “ Warm them ” Women's specials and “ Spring is a beautiful day ” posters , Spring is in full bloom , The wind blows the grass green, which contains the warm day and infinite vitality .

Ideal versus reality , Qi Xi, Qiu Tian, Zhang Aijia jointly wrote about the plight of women

Today's “ Warm them ” In the women's special edition , It shows Guan Wei ( Qixi Decoration )、 Qiu Qiu ( Qiu Tian Decoration )、 Li Lili ( Zhang Aijia Decoration ) The plight of three women in different states in a foreign country .

Guan Wei, who couldn't get the permanent residence application, and her boyfriend's relationship gradually reached an impasse , At the same time, because of illness, they are facing the choice of childbirth ; The young and beautiful Qiuqiu seems to be resolute in his feelings, but he often compromises with loneliness ; Teacher Lili Li, who has been wandering for many years, has never found an emotional outlet under the elegance and decency .

Beyond survival , What is more difficult to dispel is the inner sense of wandering . alone 、 fragile 、 Confusion is not only their plight in a foreign land , It is also an unavoidable anxiety for millions of them in their lives , When reality runs counter to ideal , When pretending to be strong becomes a habit , How do they break through the setting of life , Find your own flowering period ?

Be gentle when the wind blows , Walking on the waves will eventually usher in the beautiful scenery of spring

Special , Director Li Gen and starring Qi Xi 、 Qiu Tian 、 Zhang Aijia has three distinct characteristics 、 The girls who pursue different things have made a direct interpretation . When facing the unavoidable mud in life , They may have gone with the tide for a short time , But in the end, she embraces the setbacks in life with a feminine tenderness , Fearless growth in adversity . When they can finally accept the reunion and separation in life , Gladly bear the vicissitudes of fate , Don't be afraid to face your imperfections , Finally, I found a harbor for my heart, which had no place to rest .

The movie was released simultaneously today “ Spring is a beautiful day ” The poster , The poster is full of vibrant spring . The carp flag, which symbolizes courage and strength, flutters in the pink and blue sky , All the people in nanguoting restaurant were sitting in various parts of the fish flag with a smile , Li Xiaoli ( Xie Chengze Decoration ) Riding a bike is chasing the sun , The warm scenery of spring is in my eyes .

The movie 《 If one day I will leave you 》 Directed and written by young director Li Gen , Previously, she was shortlisted for the No 23 The main competition unit of the Far East International Film Festival in Udine, Italy , And nominated the best debut “ White mulberry Award ”; In the same year, it was shortlisted for the No 11 The Beijing International Film Festival “ Temple of heaven Award ” Main competition unit . The film will be in 2022 year 3 month 11 1 , Warm spring is coming , Looking forward to seeing you !

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