Lixiaomeng basks in a family of four. The eldest son is too sensible to help his brother take a bath. Wang Lei is so close to his wife

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2 month 22 Japan , Lixiaomeng posted a recent photo of their family on the social platform , The little son who was just born was rarely exposed .

Li Xiaomeng has now taken her home to recuperate , she 4 The older son will help his mother take care of his younger brother . My brother is taking a bath , My brother helped him wash carefully , Look focused and serious , Very clever and sensible , I believe I will be a responsible brother .

Lixiaomeng also showed her little son's face in the sun , The children are white and tender , The cheek flesh is very pleasant , You can see that you are well taken care of by your parents . His facial features are beautiful and upright , He is almost identical to his father, Wang Lei , Perfectly inherited the good gene of handsome .

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