Three men in a play! The movie channel broadcast "cook plays ruffian"

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In this paper, from :1905 Movie network

1905 Film network monograph “ This play is not easy to play .” theatrical performance , A bureau , In and out of the play, there is a double heaven of ice and fire .

In the thirty first year of the Republic of China , The 731 Japanese army launched “ Hu liela ” Germs mutate , The virus is rampant in North China , Cause plague outside the city , There is a famine in the city .

Against a sad background , Liu Ye 、 Zhang Hanyu 、 Played by Huang Bo “ cook ”“ Actor ”“ Ruffian ” Wait for the little guy to get involved .

stay 2 month 23 A film broadcast on the Japanese film channel 《 Cook, playboy, ruffian 》 in , The three staged this shocking and passionate Carnival comedy , Stirred up layers of spray . They disguised themselves , Launched a mediation around the virus antidote with Japanese Biochemical experts .

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