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6 month 19 The morning of , Chang Wei, the Secretary of the district Party committee, presided over the first meeting of the Shijingshan Xinguan pneumonia epidemic prevention and control leading group 260 meeting . Li Xin 、 Liwenqi 、 Tianliyue 、 Liuhaitao and other leaders of the four groups of the district attended the meeting .

The meeting pointed out that , At present, the epidemic situation in the whole city has been effectively controlled , Social communication has been basically blocked , The epidemic has entered the final stage , But newly detected in Changping District 1 The confirmed cases in society remind us , The more we reach the closing stage, the more we should be vigilant , The more we must guard against it . We should conscientiously implement the spirit of the relevant meetings of the leading group for the prevention and control of COVID-19 in Beijing , Adhere to dynamic zero clearing , Fight the initiative , Don't let up 、 Leak proof 、 Anti rebound , Consolidate the hard won achievements in epidemic prevention and control .

The meeting stressed , We should do a good job in risk control . Continue to do a good job in paradise supermarket bar and Mentougou singing bar, maisong KTV Relevant follow-up risk points and classified control of key groups , Do a good job in the management of household isolation personnel , Make sure no one is missing 、 Control in place .8 The 24-hour emergency response headquarters shall continue to maintain the wartime state , Deal with emergencies in time .

Strengthen the sealing ( tube ) Standardized management of control areas and centralized isolation points . By halves , Implement various control measures in the sealed control area , Only after strict evaluation can it be unsealed , Prevent risk spillover . insist “ Unsealing is not equal to unsealing ”, Seal well ( tube ) All finishing work after the control area is unsealed . Centralized isolation points should be strictly prevented from cross infection , Do a good job of nucleic acid detection for centralized isolation and home isolation personnel on time , Make sure no one is missing .

Do a good job in nucleic acid detection . We will make overall efforts to strengthen key screening and regular screening . The inspection and quarantine team and the industry management department shall urge the key industries and people to strictly carry out regular nucleic acid screening , Realize full personnel coverage . Strictly implement single person and single tube sampling for positive cure personnel .

We should strengthen social prevention and control . Strictly implement the community checkpoint inspection ,“ Every entry must be swept away ”, It is forbidden to replace scanning code with bright code . In order to create “ Epidemic free community ” For traction , Give full play to property management 、 Security and other forces , Accelerate the upgrading and transformation of technical prevention measures , Implement all epidemic prevention requirements carefully , Consciously accept the supervision of all parties . Community prevention and control team 、 The market quarantine team should jointly carry out “ One yard multiple access ” Special treatment , correct “ Seven small stores ”“ Three kinds of places ” One code multiple access phenomenon , compaction “ Quartet responsibility ”. The steering group 、 Supervision team 、 The law enforcement team will carry out re inspection around the points with problems , Close and rectify stores that fail to implement epidemic prevention measures . Strictly implement the suspension of the opening of places with propagation amplification effect and underground activity places , Discontinued “ amplifier ” The place should be opened carefully , Entertainment places and various underground activity places are temporarily closed .

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