ZuLong entertainment subsidiary was granted the right to adapt the dragon family game by Tencent Penguin film and television, and will develop new card games

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IT The home of 6 month 20 Daily news , Today morning, , ZuLong entertainment issued an announcement on the Hong Kong stock exchange , On 2022 year 6 month 18 Japan , A wholly-owned subsidiary of the company Chengdu fantasy Mermaid Technology Sign a license agreement with Shanghai Tencent Penguin film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd .

According to the license agreement , The Licensor has agreed to grant the licensee an exclusive and non transferable right , With (i) according to 《 dragon 》 Adaptation of original works and development of cooperative games ;(ii) Release and operate cooperative games ; And (iii) Use in cooperative games 《 dragon 》 Animation related content .


According to the license agreement , The licensee is granted the exclusive right to distribute and operate the cooperative game in the world . The types of cooperative games are Card games .

Announcement shows that , On the date of this announcement , Tencent is the main shareholder of ZuLong entertainment , Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, it holds about... Of the total issued shares of ZuLong entertainment 16.96%, The authorizer is an entity controlled by Tencent . therefore , According to Article 14 of the listing rules A Chapter , The authorizer is a connected person of the company , And the authorization agreement and the transactions to be carried out under it constitute the continuous connected transactions of the company .

IT Home learned , ZuLong entertainment has developed a 《 Dragon fantasy 》 Mobile Games , Represented by Tencent . The game uses Epic Our illusory engine 4.2018 year 12 month 20 Japan 《 Code name : eve 》 Capture Jiangnan 《 dragon 》 The original IP to grant authorization , The game was officially named 《 Dragon fantasy 》.

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